Rescue Pastilles Gout Cassis Bach Original Flower Remedies Famadem

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Fleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

Rescue Pastilles - Cassis Gout Box of 50 g
Simple and practical, pellets Rescue accompany you everyday. At any time of the day, the pellets Rescue help you to refocus and find the balance that is in you.

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    Rescue Pastilles - Cassis Gout Box of 50 g

    Pellets Rescue Cassis laboratories Famadem flavor is a combination of 5 essences:

    Extract Flowers Hélianthème (Rock Rose)

    This medicine increases the courage or self-transcendence, which helps you to cope with major fears and feelings of helplessness.

    Extract Flowers Star of Bethlehem (Star of Bethlehem)

    Also known as the "Lady of Bethlehem," this flower helps to reduce physical and emotional distress and comfort of sadness.

    Extract Flowers Plum Myrobalan (Cherry Plumb)

    Flower Plum Myribalan encourages the natural return of inner calm and self-control.

    Extract of Flowers Impatiens (Impatiens)

    This elixir restores inner calm with physical pain or emotional stress.

    Extract Flower Clematis (Clematis)

    Clematis you back to consciousness and reality.
    This combination can be used to help you overcome difficult situations as a dental visit, an interview or organize preparations for a wedding.
    Rescue can also be useful in times of crisis, during a mourning, a break or a layoff.

    Composition pellets Rescue Cassis

    Sweetener, thickener (gum arabic), Bach flower essences (4%), natural blackcurrant flavor, acidifier: citric acid (E330), natural colors: red cabbage extract, elderberry, carrot, vegetable oil, Agent coating (vegetable oil, beeswax)

    Signature Bach is the guarantee of an original product

    The Bach Original Flower Remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor in England, both researcher and renowned bacteriologist. He was convinced that the mind plays an important role in maintaining good health and recovery from illness.
    He identified 38 negative emotional states and created a fuel made from flowers or plants for each of them.
    Bach left London in 1930 and began to explore the countryside in search of flowers for a few years. He decided to settle in 1934 and spent the last years of his life in a small cottage in Oxfordshire named Mount Vernon. This is where he completed his research.
    Today, Mount Vernon is better known as The Bach Centre (The Bach Centre) and the current owners perpetuate the production of tinctures (first stage of the production of species) often using the same space occupied by Dr. Bach in the 1930s.
    Only the Bach ™ signing ensures that you purchase the original Bach Original Flower Remedies always prepared as at the time of Bach, with dyes produced exclusively by the Bach Centre Mount Vernon.

    Quality assurance pellets Rescue Cassis

    The greatest wish of Dr. Bach was its species become widely known and used throughout the world: this is now a reality. Flowers Original DeBach are nowadays recognized by millions of people with multiple testimonials on their benefit. Their use has become so common that they are administered without concern for animals and children.
    The Bach Original Flower Remedies are produced under a charter precise quality in a production unit which is entirely devoted. Their safety is well established. They are marketed worldwide for over 70 years. The French authorities are regularly informed about news concerning the labeling and promotion of our products that we market under the status of dietary supplement for many years now on the French territory.
    Following this success, many other companies have started to create flower essences. Some use the same plants as those selected by Bach while others use new varieties. Thus, a wide selection of floral essence is now available on the shelves of pharmacies and health food stores.
    Only the Bach signature guarantees that you obtain genuine Bach Original Flower Remedies always prepared as at the time of Bach, with the parent species produced exclusively by the Bach Centre Mount Vernon. Look for the Bach signature.
    The greatest wish of Dr. Bach was its species become widely known and used worldwide.

    Council using tablets Rescue Cassis

    Chew or suck on a tablet Rescue as often as necessary.

    The pellets do not contain alcohol or sugar.

    Precautions pellets Rescue Cassis

    Store in a cool, dry place (Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.
    Contains a source of phenylalanine.
    May contain traces of gluten.

    Balance your emotions naturally

    The 38 Flowers Bach® Original is a dietary supplement that target specific emotions and act gently to better manage emotional states.

    Bach Flowers are used for more than 80 years worldwide. Very simple to use, Bach® Original Flower are natural.

    No side effects or cons-indication, gasolines Bach Original Flower can be used by the whole family, even children and pregnant women.

    Bach Rescue Flowers: The RESCUE Bach Flower Complex ORIGINAL is the original emergency remedy created by Dr. BACH to always be close to you. This RESCUE Bach Flower Complex is available in spray, bottle, lozenges and cream.

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