RESCUE Kids Bottle 10 ml Bach Flower ORIGINAL

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Fleurs de Bach RESCUEFleurs de Bach RESCUE

Bach flowers Rescue KIDS tinted bottle with pipette 10 ml
Alcohol-free formula Rescue Bach flowers suitable for children.

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    Bach flowers Rescue KIDS


    Tinted bottle with pipette 10 ml
    Rescue Bach flowers help kids manage stress and excitement of children everyday.
    Composed of 5 species Bach Original Flower Remedies:

    Extract Flowers Plum Myrobalan
    Plum is suitable for children of nervousness and a keen sensitivity, biting anger and start screaming. It provides a feeling of calm and composure.
    Extract Clematis Flowers
    Your child is distracted, dreamy, or often in lune.Il not interested in anything and when you talk to him, he can not hear you. When you ask him to give you a service, it balks. He developed his dream world where everyone is nice. Clematis help to return to reality.
    Extract of Impatiens Flowers
    Your child is hyperactive and constantly excited is the Impatiens relaxes and makes it more tolerant and sociable with others.
    Extract of Hélianthème Flowers
    Your child is often taken to feelings of panic and become hysterical. The Hélianthème help combat negative emotions and allows him to regain his composure.
    Extract Flowers Star of Bethlehem
    This flower with your child overcome any emotional shock (divorce, loss of a pet ...) or physical.
    This complex was developed by Dr. Bach in the 30s, Rescue is the solution for emergency help our children to remain calm under all circumstances.
    Composition Rescue Bach flowers

    Glycerin, water, aqueous extract of Helianthemum nummularium, vitalba clematis, impatiens glandulifera, prunus cerasifera, Ornithogalum umbellatum.

    100% vegetable origin.

    Alcohol-free formula suitable for children, including the youngest.

    Dosage Rescue Bach flowers
    Pour four drops in a glass of water or directly on the tongue.
    Repeat if necessary up to 6 times per day.
    A repeat to improve your discomfort.
    Precautions Kids Rescue Bach flowers

    RESCUE Kids is a natural product without alcohol.

    Suitable especially for children and pregnant women.

    Usage Tips

    RESCUE Kids helps manage stress and excitement of children everyday. RESCUE is compound 5 essences Bach Original Flower Remedies developed by Dr. Bach in the 30s. RESCUE is used with confidence by more and more families across 75 countries worldwide.

    Developed in 1936 by Edward Bach, the Rescue ® blend is composed of 5 Bach ® Original flowers that contribute to the serenity of everyday life for the whole family, in all circumstances.

    • Star of Bethlehem: Comfort
    • Impatiens: Patience
    • Cherry Plum: Mastery
    • Clématis: Attention
    • Rock Rose: Courage

    In the 1960s, from the research of Edward Bach, his Nora Weeks assistance develops the Rescue ® cream. It is the first galenic form in external application. Rescue ® Cream contains five Bach Flower Rescue ® Original ® of more Crab apple, the flower of self-acceptance, to soothe the body and face.

    According to him, it is better to be in emotional harmony to live serenely his daily life.

    Bach Rescue Flowers spray, dropper, lozenges, pearls and chewing gum

    The Rescue Bach Flower Complex is the original emergency remedy created by Dr. BACH to always be close to you. This complex of Bach Flower Farmadem is available in spray, bottle, lozenges and beads. The Bach Rescue Flower allows for personalized and in-depth treatment. The Bach Rescue Flower Blend is a formula of five Bach elixirs (Cherry plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Pink Rock, Star of Bethlehem) for an emergency. She is personally composed by Dr. Bach. It is intended for a person facing unexpected problems.

    How to heal with the bach rescue flower

    Bac h flower blends are preconceived by manufacturers to solve a very specific problem . You can take a complex of Bach flowers for self-control, relaxation, sleep, control of emotions, coping with stressful situations and even going forward.

    For a punctual treatment , we can take 2 drops 4 times a day , directly under the tongue until the emotion subsides.

    For a background treatment , consult an authorized counselor who will prepare a personalized bottle because each person is unique and it will take 4 drops 4 times a day in a little water or other snack for 3 weeks. You can also dilute ten drops in the bath.

    Also find all our tips on our blog: Discover what flowers bach use to cure sleep disorders and the benefits of bach rescue flowers to pass exams .

    Take advantage of our qualified naturopaths and our advice to choose the floral elixir adapted to your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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