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Fleurs de Bach RESCUEFleurs de Bach RESCUE

Rescue Chewing gum box of 37 g (about 25 chewing gum). Chewing sugarless gum with sweeteners essences Bach Original Flower spearmint flavor.
Stay relaxed (e) through the gum Rescue.

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    Rescue Chewing gum bach flowers original Box of 37 g (about 17 chewing gum)

    Chewing sugarless gum with sweeteners essences Bach Original Flower spearmint flavor.
    Stay relaxed (e) through the gum Rescue.
    Its liquid core contains 4 drops of rescue, the famous combination of 5 Bach flower essences Original:

    A Rock Rose Flower Extract
    This remedy increases the courage or self-improvement, which helps you to deal with major fears and feelings of powerlessness.
    A Flower Extract Star of Bethlehem
    Also known as the "Lady of Bethlehem", this flower helps to reduce the physical and emotional impact and comfort of sadness.
    A Flower Extract Prunier Myrobalan
    Plum blossom Myribalan encourages the natural return of inner calm and self-control.
    An Impatient Flower Extract
    This essence restores inner calm in situations of physical pain or emotional stress.
    A Clematis Flower Extract
    Clematis brings you back to consciousness and reality.

    After the patch release, Bach flower comes in chewing gum without sugar.
    Among the products developed around the expertise of Dr. Bach, "Rescue" is undoubtedly the best-known formula. Stress and anxiety before going into an examination room, destabilized by strong emotion, need to overcome a difficult moment, "Rescue" is often cited as a first resort. originally sold in bottles, Bach Flowers have gradually become popular and have since put forward in the drugstores shelves. Therefore include "Rescue" pellet, or as a spray, and even spray overnight. More practical than pastilles, Bach Flowers offers "Rescue" in chewing gum sugar-free version. But not just any.
    Indeed, Bach Flowers has developed "Rescue" in chewing sugarless gum around the concept of new dragees liquid core. The chewing gum industry has managed to incorporate most worked taste (raspberry iced mint ...).
    This process has enabled Bach flower to develop a chewing gum containing in its heart, the equivalent of 4 drops of the oral solution "Rescue" consisting of the famous combination of 5 species Bach Original Flower: Impatiens (Impatiens), Star of Bethlehem (Star of Bethlehem), Cherry Plum (Prunier Myrobolan), Rock Rose (Rock Rose) and Clematis (Clematis).
    The scent of chewing sugarless gum "Rescue" proposed is a subtle blend of natural flavors Spearmint.
    The box of chewing gum "Rescue" contains about 25 dragees of Bach Flowers.

    Rescue Chewing gum bach flowers original composition

    Sweeteners polyols (isomalt, sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol, xylitol), gum base (with anxiety: tocopherol), thickening agent (gum arabic), natural flavors Spearmint (1.7%), humectant (glycerol), acidifiers (citric acid , malic acid), coloring (titanium dioxide), coating agents (talc, carnauba wax), bach flower essences rescue.

    Usage tips

    To be taken as often as necessary throughout the day.

    Developed in 1936 by Edward Bach, the Rescue ® blend is composed of 5 Bach ® Original flowers that contribute to the serenity of everyday life for the whole family, in all circumstances.

    • Star of Bethlehem: Comfort
    • Impatiens: Patience
    • Cherry Plum: Mastery
    • Clématis: Attention
    • Rock Rose: Courage

    In the 1960s, from the research of Edward Bach, his Nora Weeks assistance develops the Rescue ® cream. It is the first galenic form in external application. Rescue ® Cream contains five Bach Flower Rescue ® Original ® of more Crab apple, the flower of self-acceptance, to soothe the body and face.

    According to him, it is better to be in emotional harmony to live serenely his daily life.

    Bach Rescue Flowers: The RESCUE Bach Flower Complex ORIGINAL is the original emergency remedy created by Dr. BACH to always be close to you. This RESCUE Bach Flower Complex is available in spray, bottle, lozenges and cream.

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