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Arkobiotics Vivomixx 450 Arkopharma is a food supplement based on microbiotic strains suitable for adults and children over 3 years. Enriched with a combination of exclusive active ingredients it relieves all people affected by Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disorders .

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Used for : flore intestinale, microbiote

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    ArkoBiotics Vivomixx 450 Arkopharma

    A food supplement in powder form.
    It combines 8 microbiotic strains highly concentrated, with 450 billion CFU minimum per capsule, which act in synergy for the well being of the intestinal flora.

    Description of ArkoBiotics Vivomixx 450 Arkopharma

    Arkobiotics Vivomixx 450 Arkopharma is a food supplement based on microbiotic strains adapted to adults and children over 3 years old. Enriched with a combination of exclusive active ingredients it relieves all people affected by Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disorders .
    It is formulated based on 8 exclusive strains. It guarantees a very high level of live microbiotic strains of 450 billion CFU * for use, keeping it refrigerated at 2-8 ° C until the expiry date. The product can however be stored at room temperature for up to 7 days.
    It is obtained by a unique manufacturing process guaranteeing a high quality . Each strain is produced individually to optimize its action and guarantee its content.

    The intestine is a fragile ecosystem in which the microbiota, the intestinal epithelium and the immune system interact. The microbiota, or intestinal flora, plays a preponderant role in several physiological functions of the gastrointestinal tract . It is made up of nearly 40 000 billion living microorganisms that form a real shield against external aggression . When this barrier is weakened, it negatively affects the digestion and function of the intestine.
    Scientifically studied, Arkobiotics Vivomixx 450 has been the subject of numerous studies carried out on more than 5000 people.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Oral way. Suitable for adults and children over 3 years old.
    Take 1 to 2 sachets a day, preferably before the meal, with a large glass of water or fruit juice. In children, it is possible to incorporate the contents of the bag in a compote or a yoghurt.

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    Bulking agent : maltose
    Preparation of microbiotic strains :

    • Streptococcus thermophilus DSM 24731
    • Bifidobacterium breve DSM 24732
    • Bifidobacterium longum DSM 24736
    • Bifidobacterium infantis DSM 24737
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus DSM 24735
    • Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 24730
    • Lactobacillus paracasei DSM 24733
    • Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus DSM 24734

    Anti-caking agent : silicon dioxide.
    May contain traces of milk.

    Precaution of use

    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
    Must not substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    Do not leave within the reach of young children.
    Food supplement based on microbiotic strains.

    ArkoBiotics Vivomixx 450 Arkopharma Overview

    Arkobiotics comes in a box of 10 sachets.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Your intestinal flora is unbalanced ? Here's how to restore it !

    The intestinal microbiota, formerly known as intestinal flora, represents 40 000 billion bacteria or 2 times more than the number of cells in our body!
    Our cherished bacteria are involved in digestion of course (assimilation of essential nutrients), but also in immunity (allergies, autoimmune diseases), in metabolism (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes), in the proper functioning of our brain ( emotional balance, neurological pathologies, neuro-functional pathologies).

    Symptoms of an unbalanced intestinal flora
    The most common symptoms of an unbalanced intestinal flora are:

    • flatulence;
    • bloating;
    • Constipation;
    • Slow metabolism;
    • Abnormal stools;
    • Lack of vitamins.

    Our diet and some of our behaviors can play in favor of our intestinal flora.
    Betting on the fibers
    Limit red meat
    Moderate sweet products
    Physical activity

    Buy the Arkocaps at the best price in a pharmacy

    The effectiveness of Arkogélules herbal medicine is based primarily on the choice of plants that go into their composition. Thanks to the phyto-chemists of the French Arkopharma laboratory, it is possible:

    • to know the most interesting plant species within the same family of medicinal plants
    • to accurately determine the ideal picking date in order to obtain quality plant active ingredients
    • to define the most favorable growing conditions, the best region, the best soil, the best exposure and to choose with the greatest precision the part of the most active plant.

    This selection of medicinal plants is done on a rigorous scientific basis. This is modern herbal medicine.

    Available for sale in drugstore and pharmacy, these natural extracts Arkocaps plants are among the most used in France.
    In 1997, ARKOPHARMA created the event by offering the first range of products 100% plant origin, confirming its leading position in herbal medicine: that year, the traditional gelatin used for the capsule shell is replaced by a natural substitute of plant origin: a cellulose derivative. Cellulose surrounds and protects the cells of all plants. The 100% vegetable capsule is totally natural and contains no gluten or preservatives. All Arkocaps are made with cryobrushed plant extracts, a process that guarantees a very high quality, naturally preserving the active principles for optimal assimilation.

    Probiotics in Pharmacy

    Probiotics are actually lactic bacteria and bifidobacteria. They survive the devastating effect of gastric acid in the stomach, bile acids and digestive enzymes and have a beneficial effect on the small intestine, thus playing a very important role. The lactobacilli lodge in the small intestine, while the bifidobacteria are in the large colon.

    Probiotics are food supplements containing bacteria beneficial to the human body. In the food industry, lactic acid bacteria are often used because they are able to convert sugars, including lactose, as well as other carbohydrates, into lactic acid. This gives the dishes a characteristic sour taste, which is found in yogurt. Yogurt reduces pH and inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms and helps prevent digestive infections.

    True partners in our health, probiotics are defined as live microorganisms ingested (bacteria or yeasts).

    Their strong point is to help digestion:

    • By promoting good assimilation of nutrients
    • By strengthening transit
    • By decreasing bloating
    • By improving the effectiveness of the intestinal barrier

    Probiotics are also particularly indicated when taking antibiotics or when a drug disrupts the flora and transit.

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