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Florgynal Buffer ® Probiotic is the only tampon that is during your period by releasing probiotics to restore your vaginal flora.

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    More than two thirds of women suffer from vaginal problems.
    Florgynal Buffer ® Probiotic is the only tampon that is during your period by releasing probiotics to restore your vaginal flora.

    Lactobacilli naturally present in the vagina are the main weapon of defense against vaginal infections.

    But sometimes these lactobacilli are no longer present in sufficient quantity, which causes an imbalance of flora that is manifested by vaginal itching, burning, unpleasant odors vaginal ... To avoid these problems, it is advisable to bring lactobacilli with probiotics to rebalance flora.

    Probiotic properties Florgynal Buffer

    Florgynal Buffer ® Probiotic is the only probiotic local action with a tampon. Need capsules or ovules of probiotics, it is during your period without having to think about it!

    2 benefits for the price of 1! Florgynal ® Probiotic Tampon brings you the efficacy of probiotics while replacing the pads you buy.

    Clinically proven efficacy
    • reduction of discomfort vaginal itching, irritation ...
    • Protection against vaginal bacterial imbalances
    • Restoration of the natural flora
    • Improved healing as an adjunct to anti-infective therapy
    Usage Tips

    Council use Florgynal ® Probiotic Tampon

    Florgynal ® Probiotic buffer is used as a regular tampon during menstruation at a rate of at least 3 buffers Florgynal per day for 3 months.

    Presentations Florgynal ® Probiotic Tampon

    Without applicators: Box of 12 "Normal" - ACL 453354.9
    Box ECO 22 "Normal" - ACL 511254.8
    Box 14 "Mini" - ACL 967453.3
    Box of 8 "Super" - ACL 452273.5
    NEW: With applicators
    Transmission 9 "Normal" Compact - ACL 518265.5
    Transmission 9 "Mini" Compact - ACL 5182649
    Transmission 9 "Super" Compact - ACL 518266.1

    A healthy vaginal flora is the primary natural weapon of defense of the body against urogenital infections.

    Learn more about your intimate flora

    Vagina, as each body has its own flora consists of bacteria called lactobacilli that line the vaginal mucosa.

    These protective bacteria have a role in defending against aggressive external germs that cause infections (mycoses repetition vaginosis ...) and cause bothersome symptoms (itching, irritation, burning sensation, smell embarrassing ...).
    > Some situations favor the imbalance of the vaginal flora (lactobacilli fewer):

    • Antibiotics
    • Tobacco
    • Excessive or inappropriate intimate hygiene
    • Hormonal change (pregnancy, menopause, changes in contraceptive ...)
    • synthetic or tight clothing, underwear treated with softeners
    • Unprotected sex
    • Swimming pool and sauna
    • Stress
    > Especially in times of rule, the lowest concentration of lactobacilli can cause an imbalance of the vaginal flora.

    When the natural balance of the vaginal microflora is disturbed, the risk of developing urogenital infections increases.
    It is especially recommended to bring lactobacilli for balance during this key moment thanks to probiotics.
    > Probiotics, an appropriate response! A simple and natural way to reduce your intimate inconvenience.

    Probiotics are bacteria known as live microorganisms that are present naturally in the human body (stomach, intestine, throat, vagina).
    They strengthen the natural defenses of the body against infection by maintaining the physiological bacterial ecosystem. For over a decade, probiotics are used for their beneficial effects on health.

    Discover the only probiotic to local action with a tampon that protects you and the best time is during your period without having to think about: Florgynal ® Probiotic buffer.

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