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Avian Rhodeo powder 125g powder is a three-phase combining of vegetable origin substances with anti-parasitic action immediate and extended ...

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    Description External Avian Rhodeo Powder 125g

    Avian powder Rhodeo Pest Control is a natural for birds and poultry. It is effective against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes but also mites. Its formula adheres to the skin and feathers of birds for maximum efficiency and continues Rhodeo powder 125g External Avian operates both on insects (lice Mallophaga of birds) as mites and in particular.:

    Dermanissus galinae or false red mite. Attention in case of major infestation, it may be wise to also treat the environment.

    Using advice Rhodeo External Avian Powder 125g

      2 modes of administrations:   In direct mode

    Apply powder on the entire bird with emphasis on the noise zones, indeed, tongs lice birds have very differentiated fasteners places: wishbone, thighs, neck, head, back, peri-cloacal area .. .
    A dose of approximately 4 g of powder is required to process a bird of 4 kgs.
    The equivalent of a tablespoon shaved.

    In indirect mode or self-treatment
    After initial treatment manual or instead, it is possible for birds to self-treat, to do this, arrange and complete a sandy basin and (or) ash and mix the powder into 2 cms sand remaining at 5 tablespoons shaved powder with a diameter of 35 cms 2 tablespoons shaved powder with a diameter of 20 cms 1 tablespoon powder with a diameter of 14 cms
    This method is preferred when many birds to be treated (canaries farms etc ..), for monitoring treatment and when birds are difficult or impossible to capture.
    Usable on chicks and chicks 3 days
    Rhodeo avian powder does not kill lice eggs, a second application is required within 7 to 10 days after the first treatment.
    NB This container can be buried to be at ground level.

    Timeout: Eggs Meat = 0 = 5 days (for organoleptic reasons (smells / tastes potential residual).
    Do not use Rhodeo powder directly into natural areas of delousings, to respect the environment.
    If swallowed, seek medical attention.
    In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
    In case of massive inhalation of the product, move the patient into the open air.
    Keep out of the reach of children.
    Do not use on cats (precaution).

    composition   External Avian Rhodeo Powder 125g

    The powder is a three-phase powder that integrates:
    1 immediate delivery (calcium carbonate soaked) binding electively on the feathers and down
    1 sustained release powder (vegetable carbon) binding electively on the feathers and down
    1 sustained release powder (gelatin) binding electively on the skin should be noted that hen to a high body temperature (42/43 °) and the temperature of liquefaction of the gelatin is from 28/30 °

    • Geraniol 2% No. 106-24-1 case
    • Chysanthémate Dalmatian 0.8% Case No. 89997-63-7
    • Scent thyme / pine Excipients: calcium carbonate, vegetable carbon (coconut) impregnated gelatin
    • Type of preparation: 19 (repellents)

    Introducing Rhodeo External Avian Powder 125g

    125g bottle

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