Bronchial Syrup 150ml Phytosun Aroms

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Bronchial Syrup 150ml Phytosun Aroms sale in our bio pharmacy

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Used for : respiratory congestion, respiratory obstruction

contains: globureux eucalyptus, eucalyptus smithii, eucalyptus globurous, eucaliptus smithii

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    Phytosun Aroms Bronchial Syrup 150ml

    This product contains a combination of essential oils that work synergistically to expectorant and mucolytic properties. It contributes to respiratory comfort.

    Description Phytosun Aroms Bronchial Syrup 150ml

    Coughing is a natural body mechanism to purify the airways of inhaled impurities. It is usually due to irritation that can be located throughout the respiratory tract: trachea, bronchi.
    In bronchitis, the cough is usually first "dry" then becomes greasy within days. But during a winter respiratory illness, cough can be "mixed": sometimes dry, sometimes fat, depending on the moment. After such a viral episode, cough lasts for 3-8 weeks while the disease is cured, because the lining of the respiratory tree was weakened: it is called "post-infectious" and "sub-acute".

    Phytosun Arôms Bronchial Syrup 150 ml with essential oils 100% pure and natural is a dietary supplement that helps the breathing comfort and soothes the respiratory tract. Rich in essential oil of Eucalyptus Globose, this syrup contributes to the normal functioning of the bronchial tree, especially in winter. Its formula also contains plant extracts whose plantain that soothes the respiratory tract, thereby freeing your breathing. Honey and vitamin C supplement formula perfectly. No preservatives, gluten. Made in France.

    Directions for use of Bronchial Syrup 150ml Phytosun Aroms

    Shake Phytosun Aroms Bronchial Syrup 150ml before use.
    Take 2 teaspoons 3 times daily.
    Children over 12 years: Take one teaspoon 3 times a day.

    - Do not use more than 7 consecutive days

    - Do not use in pregnant or lactating women, people with epilepsy, in case of problems with the stomach and liver

    - Drying to the skin and mucous membranes  

    - Forbidden to people allergic to limonene

    - Forbidden to asthmatics without the advice of an allergist

    - Forbidden to people with a history of febrile convulsions

    Composition of Bronchial Syrup 150ml Phytosun Aroms

    Glycerin, Water, Honey, soft Plantin Extract (Plantago Major Leaf) Extract Bouillon White Fluid (Verbascum Thapsus Flowers) Eucalyptus Essential Oil Globose (Eucalyptus Globulus Leaves) Acidifier, Citric Acid, Flavours: Essential Oils Ravintsara (Cinnamomum Camphora), Eucalyptus smithii (Eucalyptus smithii), Myrtle Red (Myrtus communis), Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid). Alk 3%.

    Introducing Phytosun Aroms Bronchial Syrup 150ml

    150 ml bottle

    Phytosun Arôms developing for over 20 years with quality EOBBD Essential Oils (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) for Vegetable Oils and Hydrosols Aromatic. This guarantee of quality and safety, recognized by pharmacists and doctors in positions Phytosun Arôms industry leader.

    To meet changing consumer expectations, Phytosun Arôms launched in 1990 the first finished product market: Aesculapius, then continued to develop its range of finished products avecPhoebus, Demeter, a range of Physio + Care Oils, Complexes for a range of diffusers, a range of Aromatic Bath and a range of Aroma Bulbs.

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    PHYTOSUN Arôms, No. 1 of essential oils in France, offers a full range of products improving your comfort and well-being in everyday life.

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