INEBIOS 112 DR BACH Emergency organic acerola Bonbon

INEBIOS 112 DR BACH Emergency organic acerola Bonbon View larger


Fleurs de Bach ORIGINALFleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

INEBIOS 112 DR BACH Emergency organic acerola Bonbon
Stay relaxed (e) through flavored tablet Acerola Bach Flower essences INEBIOS

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Partners with: Bach Flowers RESCUE SPRAY Comfort and Reassure

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INEBIOS 112 DR BACH Emergency organic acerola Candy 90g

Every day, we experience psychological discomfort related to our environment affects our physical and destabilize our emotional balance.

Discreetly, these Emergency Candy accompany you in your daily life to help you better understand your feelings.

Description Emergency BIO candy Acerola

These candies are flavored gum arabic to Acerola for a touch acidic, and contains the famous combination of 5 Bach Original Flower essences:

A Rock Rose Flower Extract
This remedy increases the courage or self-transcendence, which helps you to cope with major fears and feelings of helplessness.
A Flower Extract Star of Bethlehem

Also known as the "Lady of Bethlehem", this flower helps to reduce the physical and emotional comfort of shock and sadness.
An extract of Plum Flowers Myrobalan
The flower of Prunier Myribalan encourages the natural return of inner calm and self-control.
An extract Impatiens Flowers
This essence restores inner calm in situations of physical pain or emotional stress.
A Clematis Flower Extract
Clematis brings you back to consciousness and reality.

Indication of BIO candy Emergency Acerola

Among the products developed around the expertise of Dr Bach "Rescue" is undoubtedly the most famous formula.

Stress and anxiety before entering an examination room, destabilized by strong emotion, need to overcome a difficult moment, "Rescue" is often cited as a first resort. Originally sold in bottles, the Bach Flower INEBIOS have gradually become popular and have since put forward in the drugstores shelves.

So we find "Rescue" in INEBIOS tablet, or spray INEBIOS.

BIO dosage of acerola candies Emergency

1 to 2 candy per hour, 6 to 8 per day. A repeat if necessary.

Without alcohol and side effects, these sweets are suitable for adults and children.


Metal box. 90g (80 BIO Emergency Acerola candy)

Naturally balance your emotions with the floral essences of the doctor bach , to order in pharmacy at the best price, with the advice and opinion of your pharmacist, expert in Naturopathy .

The 38 Bach® Original Flowers are a dietary supplement that targets specific emotions and works smoothly to better manage emotional states .

Bach Flower Bottles have been used for more than 80 years all over the world. Very simple to use, the Original Bach® Flowers in drinkable drops, are natural.

With no side effects or contraindications, Bach Original Flower Essences can be used by the entire family, including children, pregnant or lactating women and pets (dogs and cats).

Bach® Original Flowers are the only ones to bear the Bach signature. This guarantees their authenticity and method of manufacture, while respecting nature and the rules elaborated by Edward Bach.

Without addiction, they are food supplements that should not replace a balanced diet. An emotion = a flower

The 38 Original Bach® Flowers target all of the individual's transient or regular emotions, and they contribute to emotional harmony on a daily basis.

Bach Strips Anti Stress and Emergency Candy Inebios

Anti stress pellets with floral elixirs help to restore tranquility and serenity. An exclusive combination of Bach flowers and essential oils of sweet orange and red tangerine. These tasty pastilles with soft texture and different tastes will bring you calm and comfort in moments of stress and hyperactivity. Organic bach flower lozenges with the Rescue Pastilles range will soothe you in times of personal and professional stress.

  • Authentic bach flowers in pellets with an emergency mix.
  • On the way or out of the home.
  • Rescue pellets bring all the naturally soothing and relaxing virtues of floral essences.
  • These lozenges are sugar free and alcohol free.

Order your 112 Inebios emergency candy in organic pharmacy. Anti stress pellets help to restore tranquility and serenity with an exclusive combination of Bach flowers and essential oils Discover the different flavors of lozenges to suck in your pharmacy specializing in natural remedies online.

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