Salvia officinalis essential oil BIO large sheet PRANAROM 5 ml

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BIO Essential Oil Salvia officinalis Salvia officinalis large sheet PRANAROM

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Used for : bronchitis, biliary insufficiency, sinusitis, flus, genital herpes, viral meningitis, viral neuritis, viral enteritis, viral meningitis, viral neuritis, viral enteritis

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BIO Essential Oil Salvia officinalis Salvia officinalis large sheet PRANAROM

Name: Salvia officinalis broadleaf

Latin name: Salvia officinalis

Description: It has so many virtues that it goes to a universal and suitable for all ills plant.

- Flu, bronchitis, sinusitis - Viral Meningitis, viral neuritis, herpes labialis
- Viral enteritis, biliary insufficiency
- Irregular and / or painful Rules premenopausal
- Scars, keloid, healing problems, infections and skin problems, excessive sweating, cellulite

Main properties:
- Specific Antibacterial (Gram + cases, Staphylococcus aureus, streptococci) - Antifungal (candida albicans) - Powerful Antiviral - Expectorant, mucolytic - Lipolytic, anti-cellulite - Cholagogue and choleretic - Emmenagogue and mimic estrogen - Skin Healing, opposes sweating and hot flushes, reduces salivary secretions

Composition: Essential Oil 100% pure and natural
Thujone, camphor
Distilled part of the plant: Flowering

Recommendations for use:
Use with caution
To be used with great caution because of its content of thujone, neurotoxic and abortive substance.
Prohibited for pregnant women and children, people with epilepsy, suffering from hypertension or very sick.
Limited use in time, especially if it is for internal use.
Internal use only under medical supervision.

In localized synergies with other oils for skin care applications
- In a few drops of friction, in synergy with other essential oils, on the lower abdomen and back for disorders related to menstrual cycles
- In a few drops of friction, in synergy with other essential oils on the chest and upper back to prevent and help fight against infections ENT

Unless authorized, do not use during pregnancy and lactation and children under 3 years notice.
Keep away from sources of heat and light.
Packaging: 10 ml

All essential oils are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique and Control Certisys BE-BIO-01), 100% pure, natural and intégrale.Chacune presents an original name, HECT (Chemotype essential oil) for characterizing a point botany and biochemically.

Warning: essential oils are endowed with an impressive reactive power. Therefore scrupulously observe the prescribed doses, they are the result of a long research experience. An excess would bring nothing more therapeutically but could, instead, cause adverse effects.

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