Méridol Halitosis is a Mouthwash which effectively protects from bad breath (halitosis). Alcohol, Méridol Halitosis has a triple mode of action against odor-producing bacteria. Clean and fresh mouth permanently.

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    Meridol Halitosis Mouthwash 400ml

    Description Meridol Halitosis Mouth Bath 400ml

    The Halitosis Mouthwash Méridol laboratories Gaba is a Mouthwash protects effectively halitosis (bad breath). It is ready to use without chlorhexidine, alcohol use and in addition to daily oral hygiene.

    Méridol Halitosis Mouthwash has 3 modes of action against odor producing bacteria located on the tongue and in the oral cavity:

    • Inactivation of producing bacteria odors language and throughout the oral cavity,
    • Neutralization of malodorous compounds (including volatile sulfur compounds)
    • Reduction of the metabolic activity of odor producing bacteria.

    The Méridol Halitosis Mouthwash leaves a lasting feeling of clean and fresh which gives confidence in his mouth breath every day. The natural balance of the oral flora is preserved.

    Application advice and opinions on Meridol Halitosis Mouth Bath 400ml

    Rinse mouth twice daily with 15 ml of Méridol Halitosis Mouthwash for 60 seconds, gargle briefly before spitting.

    Composition Meridol Halitosis Mouth Bath 400ml


    Olafluor amine fluoride 125 ppm F, 125 ppm stannous fluoride F, 0.2% Zn lactate, excipients qs 100%.

    Aqua, xylitol, propylene glycol, PVP, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, zinc lactate, Olaflur, aroma, stannous fluoride, sodium saccharin, CI 42051, hydrochloric acid.

    Precaution for use with bath 400ml Meridol Halitosis Mouth

    Do not swallow, do not rinse. Suitable for adults and children from 6 years as they master the mouthrinse.

    Introducing Meridol Halitosis Mouth Bath 400ml

    400 ml

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    Mouthwash meridol HALITOSIS combats the causes and symptoms of halitosis (bad breath) through its three modes of action:
    - Inactivation of odor producing bacteria present on the tongue and throughout the oral cavity,
    - Neutralization of malodorous compounds (including volatile sulfur compounds)
    - Reduction of the metabolic activity of bacteria that produce odors.

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