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The Labcatal laboratory has resumed the manufacture of magnesium Oligosol bulbs, they are available. Oligosol magnesium, drug belonging to the family of trace minerals (micronutrients). Oligosol magnesium is used as a field modifier, particularly in certain disorders of the autonomic nervous system and disorders grouped under the term spasmophilia.

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Used for : spasmophilia

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This product is a non-prescription drug, please consult the instructions before ordering online.

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The Labcatal laboratory has resumed the manufacture of magnesium Oligosol bulbs, they are available while our stocks.

For warnings, precautions for use and against-indications, please refer to the manual of Oligosol Magnesium.

Description Magnesium Oligosol

Oligosol magnesium is a medicine used in adults to balance the oligos of the human body during states of autonomic dystonia and states grouped under the term spasmophilia.

For adults

Composition (for 1 ampoule containing 2 mL) Oligosol Magnesium:

magnesium gluconate 1,781mg

Excipient: glucose and purified water

Excipients with known effect: Glucose

Tips for using Oligosol Magnesium: 1-3 vial a day

The bulbs are to be taken:

  • Preferably in the morning fasting,
  • Possibly 15 minutes before a meal or at bedtime.

Keep the contents of the vial 1 to 2 minutes under the tongue before swallowing.

When several trace elements (or associations) are needed, catches are alternated throughout the week for one class per day. In some cases, purely functional, some taken during a fortnight may suffice. In the organo-functional disorders, prolonged treatment of several weeks - or months - is often necessary.
A perfect knowledge of the use of trace elements provides unexpected results with conventional treatment that can not take into account the functional variations.
Oligotherapy matches perfectly to any other therapy. There is no drug interaction between trace elements and allopathic medicines.

You can replace the bulbs are magnesium Oligosol by the Granions Magnesium ampoules or vials Oligomax Magnesium in case of unavailability.

Against-indication Oligosol Magnesium:

history of allergy to any component of the solution.

Precautions Oligosol of Magnesium:

  • Use of this medicine is not recommended in patients with malabsorption of glucose and galactose.

Oligosol of packaging Magnesium:

box 28 2 ml ampoules

Warnings about medications

Attention drug Oligosol Magnesium is not a product like any other. Read leaflet drug Oligosol Magnesium carefully before ordering. Do not let drugs out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Beware of incompatibilities on your current products.

Tell your pharmacist Online ongoing treatment to identify any incompatibilities. The order confirmation form contains a custom message field provided for this purpose.

Click here to find the manual of this drug on the website of the National Agency of Drug Safety and health products.

Pharmacovigilance : Declare one or effect (s) undesirable (s) connected (s) to the use of a drug

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Oligosol drinkable ampoules have been offered for five decades to patients suffering from functional disorders. This term includes non-severe conditions, neither organic, but simply physiological disorders affecting electively certain people with a particular fragility or predisposition , for example, ENT infectious states, allergic states, weight gain, asthenic states. The story of the patient, highlighting this fragility, allows to define a particular ground . Clinical experience shows that Oligosol Labcatal can improve these patients with respect to their predispositions, hence the term field modifier.

Order your micronutrient treatments in our Oligotherapy Pharmacy

Care-and-Nature, Your bio pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers its new range of Oligotherapy. Oligotherapy consists essentially of the administration of necessary catalysts in very small quantities to the metabolism of the human body. The goal is to correct a metabolic dysfunction by restoring the physiological balance of the patient.

The benefits of oligotherapy for your health

Oligotherapy is an unconventional medicine that uses trace elements for therapeutic purposes. As micronutrients can not be produced by our body, micronutrient deficiency can be treated with oligotherapy. It is known that a deficit in trace elements can disrupt mechanisms essential to the proper functioning of the human body that can go as far as causing various disorders or diseases.

It is therefore important for our health to have an external source of food to provide for our daily needs. A micronutrient intake will therefore compensate for a deficiency and help restore normal functioning of the body. The contribution of the magnesium trace element contained in Oligosol Magnesium, for example, is usually sufficient to cure the symptoms.

According to the advice of your health professional , oligotherapy can be used punctually for 3 main purposes:

  1. To prevent a deficit or a deficiency : Oligotherapy can be justified in situations known to require a greater need for trace elements.
  2. To compensate for a deficiency or a deficiency : if the deficiency is installed, this restores a normal trace element level and thus restores an ideal functioning of the organism.
  3. To obtain a therapeutic effect : during different diseases, in addition to a conventional drug treatment.

How to treat with trace elements

The trace elements come in different forms depending on their uses: oral solution in ampoules of 2 ml, under the name of Oligosol (also injectable intramuscularly) , granions oral and ampoules in unit form or complex in bottle with the remedies from the PurOligo laboratory and the Oligomax range from the Nutergia Laboratory, a specialist in alternative medicine.

How to take trace elements?

  • It is recommended to make micronutrients fasting or a little before meals. This avoids possible interference between them or with certain food components and improve absorption in the digestive tract.
  • In the case of taking several trace elements , it is advisable to wait 15 to 20 minutes between two shots or to take them apart during the day, in order to avoid any competition between them.

How to choose the right trace elements

A large number of micronutrient specialties are commercially available. They are marketed by different manufacturers. So, how to choose its trace elements?

Only some of them have the status of pharmaceutical laboratories. That's why in our online bio pharmacy, we only choose certified laboratories that are a guarantee of quality. Their manufacturing methods meet very strict quality criteria and are certified by official bodies:

  • the origin of raw materials is clearly identified,
  • manufactured products are closely monitored from manufacture to marketing (traceability),
  • they are regularly informed by doctors and pharmacists.

Health professionals are therefore fully aware of the characteristics of the products and can thus guide you more surely towards the product best suited to your needs.

Also find all our tips on our blog with our article on How to treat oligotherapy with micronutrients . Take advantage of our certified naturopaths and our advice to choose the best treatment adapted to your troubles and your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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