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The sprayer RHINARGION-A decongestant and promotes stop runny nose by an anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious action, it contributes to the protection and healing of damaged mucosa to relieve and soothe irritation.

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Used for : allergic reactions

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    RHINARGION-A HYGIENE NASAL ALLERGY to effectively fight against allergies thanks to the trace elements

    Granions Rhinargion-A 15 ml combines the beneficial effects of Manganese, anti-allergic and trace element Silver, anti-infectives and healing, to help protect and restore the nasal mucosa, to facilitate the flow and decongest the nose.

    Particularly suitable for washing nasal passages during periods of seasonal allergies caused by pollen, house dust, air pollutants or pet hair.

    Properties Rhinargion Allergy

    The sprayer RHINARGION-A contains:
    Manganese: 0.75 mg
    Manganese is a trace element that occurs in many reactions and essential to the body productions, but is often found in cases of multiple allergies of all kinds, it strengthens the defenses and fight the effects of oxidative stress.
    Silver: 5 mg
    Silver is a trace element that neutralizes mold, viruses and bacteria that cause nasal conditions, its anti-infective and anti-inflammatory to relieve and soothe the pain and discomfort of ENT type and promote mucosal healing.

    Results with allergy Rhinargion

    The sprayer RHINARGION-A decongestant and promotes stop runny nose by an anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious action, it contributes to the protection and healing of damaged mucosa to relieve and soothe irritation.

    Use Rhinargion Allergy Tips

    Whenever allergy occurs:
    Blow your nose carefully.
    Spray once or twice in each nostril four times a day.
    Use this treatment for a couple of days depending on your state.
    This treatment is suitable for all ages of life.

    Composition Rhinargion Allergy

    Element manganese 0.75 mg, 5 mg Silver member, Excipients qs 15 ml.

    EA PHARMA RHINARGION-A ALLERGY NASAL HYGIENE 15MLLe spray RHINARGION-A Laboratory EA PHARMA is a specific solution to nasal allergic reactions, which facilitates the flow and decongest the nose while protecting and mucosal healing.

    More advice on allergies with rhinargions-a

    Nasal irritation, whether allergic or infectious origin, are equally unpleasant and painful, swollen nose, he blushed and is very angry. Allergic rhinitis is manifested by repeated sneezing, runny nose and plenty tickling, tearing and eye irritation appear, are conditions that can be seasonal but also constant.

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    After the success of Granions bulbs, EA Pharma launched early 2012 the range of food supplements in capsules manufactured to meet pharmaceutical standards. Each reference has a maximum dosage allowed by the French and European regulations.

    Granions offers three product lines:

    • The range Granions Expert, with assets such as vitamin D, red yeast rice, the Co-Enzymes ... The assets are in unit form is a Granion product corresponds to an active, sometimes two.
    • The range Granions Health, which are proposed combinations of specific nutrients (trace elements, herbs, vitamins ...) to meet a specific need.
    • The range offers Granions Child food supplements in the form of syrup for children and tweens. Syrups are based agave syrup and no added sugar.

    Oligotherapy and Micronutrients

    The Oligotherapy essentially consists of the administration of catalysts needed in very small amounts in human metabolism. The objective is to correct a metabolic dysfunction by the recovery of the patient's physiological balance Catalysts, called trace elements (or trace elements (TE)), are mostly of metal or metalloid ions. They are administered sublingually: the solution containing trace elements is kept a few minutes under the tongue to pass into the blood.


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