OLIGOMAX MANGANESE-COPPER NUTERGIA oligotherapy in our bio pharmacy

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Partners with: Oligosol MANGANESE-COPPER (Cu-Mn) 28 BULBS Minerals & Trace Elements, PUROLIGO COPPER MANGANESE Oligotherapy 250ML

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    Dietary supplement containing trace elements.
    In case of winter or at risk, prevention of flu symptoms, strengthening immunity


    OLiGOMAX Manganese - Copper combines minerals and trace elements in seawater and lithothamne, deep sea red algae, to selected trace elements involved in the welfare of the body.
    The formula is rich in manganese and copper. The manganese helps to protect cells against oxidative stress and copper participates in the functioning of the immune system.

    Using advice from OLIGOMAX MANGANESE-COPPER NUTERGIA oligotherapy

    5 ml per day in ½ glass of water (75 ml).

    OLiGOMAX Manganese - Copper may be advised during the winter or during periods of risk.


    To 5 ml
    Manganese 2 mg (100% * VNR)
    Copper 1 mg (100% * VNR)
    * Nutrient Reference Values.

    Aqueous trace element solution (filtered water, concentrated seawater désodée, Lithomer®: standardized extract of lithothamne - Lithothamnium calcareum, copper gluconate, zinc and iron, manganese sulfate, selenite and sodium molybdate, chromium chloride) , preservative: potassium sorbate; acid: lactic acid.

    Precaution of use

    ° Keep out of reach of children and at TConsume with a varied diet, balanced and healthy lifestyle, without exceeding the recommended daily dose.


    150 ml bottle

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    The trace element copper (Cu) provides:

    • protect cells against oxidative stress
    • the proper functioning of the nervous system
    • maintaining connective tissue
    • the normal transport of iron in the body

    Food sources of trace element Copper: Seafood, fish, liver, poultry, nuts, garlic, broccoli, orange, green vegetables, soybeans, pulses, cocoa, tea.

    The trace element manganese (Mn) facilitates: training conjonctifsla protecting cells against stress tissue oxydatifle maintaining ossatureLes food sources of the trace mineral manganese: Algae, almonds, pineapple, dried fruits, nuts, whole grains, cocoa, tea, blackcurrant, egg yolk

    The range of trace elements Nutergia

    Process exclusive original
    Laboratory expert trace elements for over 25 years, we have developed the exclusive range OLiGOMAX by combining a seaweed extract harvested from our French coasts, the Lithomer® to the saline seawater du Midi, and naturally désodée concentrated by the sun, and to selected trace elements. The Lithomer® is obtained by an exclusive process.

    ERGYBIOL, our historical product based on trace elements, keeps its name but benefits of this new formulation of marine origin.

    Hyposthenic or diathesis II (Manganese-Copper)

    The approach, recognition, definition and evolution of diatheses are intimately linked to the study of trace elements and to the progressive discovery of the physical conditions that determine the catalytic properties of these elements.

    This diathesis is most apparent in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
    If it has not given rise to a "tuberculous" pathology, it tends to stabilize and even regress to arrive at a maturity and a old age fairly balanced. It rarely evolves into brutal anergy.

    Family history: Less consistent than in allergic diathesis, they usually consist of crosses between arthro-tuberculous tendencies and allergic tendencies. The progeny frequently exhibit functional symptoms such as respiratory fragility and hyposthenic behavior.

    Some symptoms related to diathesis II

    • Respiratory sensation especially of bronchial and pulmonary type.
    • Digestive disorders of the duodenal rather than gastric type.
    • Left and sigmoid enterocolitis with alternating diarrhea and constipation
    • Hypo-type dysthyroids and chilliness.
    • The ligament laxity ...
    • The "bastard" arthritic manifestations of which the most frequent are bronchial asthma, headache, urticaria, eczema, arthritis.

    Sources: Doctor Jacques Ménétrier (medicine of the functions), Michel Lenglet (Formation in Osteopathy biosynthesis), Formation Heilpraktiker (CERS)

    Ars Pharmaceuticals specialized in Trace Minerals and Oligotherapy

    Care and Nature, Your organic pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers you its new range of Oligotherapy. Oligotherapy consists essentially of the administration of necessary catalysts in very small quantities to the metabolism of the human body. The objective is to correct a metabolic dysfunction by restoring the patient's physiological balance. The catalysts, called trace elements (or trace elements (ET)), are mostly metallic or metalloid ions. They are administered sublingually: the solution containing the trace elements is kept a few minutes under the tongue in order to pass into the blood.

    Oligotherapy aims above all to rebalance an organism in its entirety and to improve its general functioning in its entirety, depending on the type of each patient. It is Dr. Menetrier , who first codified this therapeutic.

    First, he classified the major types of patients according to hereditary factors and family history, susceptibility or resistance to disease, physical, intellectual and psychological behavior, the disorders to which they are subject in each of the major Functions of the organization.

    Ménétrier described four fundamental diatheses: allergic, hypostasy, dystonic, anergic. And some add a fifth: the syndrome of mismatch or endocrine syndrome. Then, it has determined, on the one hand, the simple or associated trace elements likely to act in general on each of these terrains, and on the other hand the trace elements that can come into play to reduce certain specific disorders of such Or such a great function.

    Micronutrients come in different ways:


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