Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Moisturising Cream 40ml refreshes

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Prodigious Nuxe Cream Enriched with organic sales in our pharmacy. Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Cream moisturizes and refreshes the skin by protecting from oxidative stress, the main cause of skin aging.

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Used for : peau sèche, hydratant, defatiguant

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    Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Cream

    We all dreamed of a care line at legendary scent of prodigious oil Nuxe did!

    Prodigious Nuxe Cream is a moisturizing and anti-fatigue for every day that protects you from the oxidative stress responsible for premature skin aging. Furthermore it nourishes and provides comfort for dry skin.

    Description Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Cream

    This treatment protects from external aggressions to 78% * while delivering intense hydration, restoring freshness to your complexion and eliminating signs of fatigue. Your face is more comfortable and better fed 89% *.

    Hydration comes from extracts of unsaponifiables Cocoa and Vegetable Glycerin, while the Immortal Blue, Cocoa and Ageratum Blue défatige and protects against attacks that skin undergoes quotidien.L'Huile Plant Sweet Almond nourishes and prevents dry skin.

    A cream prodigious mythical fragrance of oil, the creamy texture and no oily effect is irresistible!

    Using advice Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Cream

    Apply morning to face and neck in addition to Prodigious Nuxe Eye Contour. Finally for a guaranteed efficiency, use night Cream Prodigious Night.

    * Test of use under dermatological control for 1 month 18 volunteer

    Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Cream Composition

    1. Hydration

    -. Cocoa unsaponifiables obtained as molecular vacuum from cocoa butter rich in sterols, with squalene, soluble vitamins and fatty acids they have a moisturizing and feed efficiency remarkable.

    - The vegetable glycerin: obtained from beet, coconut oil, sunflower and rapeseed, vegetable glycerine retains water in the skin and prevents dehydration.

    2. Fight against oxidative stress

    - The immortal blue for protection against external aggression: to protect his turbulent environment (sun, wind, salt), it has developed an outstanding stress resistance and has anti-free radical and anti-oxidant properties than vitamins C and E.

    Protected from external aggressions, the skin generates less free radicals and preserves its radiance and youth.

    - The blue ageratum for protection against internal hazards (fatigue, stress ...): rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, the ageratum helps decrease inflammation-generated free radicals.

    Protected internal factors of oxidative stress, the skin is less reactive and retains its luster.

    - Cocoa extracts - NUXE patent for protection against premature aging of cells:
    if some free radicals resist this powerful anti-radical shield precious blue flowers, cocoa extracts will take over.

    They slow down the aging of skin cells, cell offset deficit by increasing the capital of new cells ready to replace the stressed cells.

    The skin is protected from premature aging, the major consequences of oxidative stress.

    - Plant sweet almond oil to nourish, soften and prevent drying of the skin.

    Prodigious Cream offers a creamy and generous texture that melts into the skin for intense hydration and lasting comfort.

    Nuxe Prodigious Enriched Cream Packaging

    1 40ml tubes

    Nuxe Laboratory

    The NUXE laboratory has become the leader in the major pharmacy beauty segments. N ° 1 **** anti-aging care , N ° 1 *** firming body , N ° 1 ** oils in France with its famous dry oil: Huile Prodigieuse ® . NUXE dry oil sublimates body, face and hair.


    For a prodigious beauty routine, NUXE introduces you to a selection of treatments to choose the moisturizing face cream, anti-aging cream and moisturizing body cream adapted to your skin type and your age. All our face creams and anti-aging creams are composed of a unique selection of active ingredients contained inside the plant. Each NUXE cream provides an exceptional pleasure of use thanks to voluptuous textures and delicious scents.

    Nuxe buy cheap in your bio pharmacy online

    Nuxe buy cheap

    Nuxe cheap in your online bio pharmacy. Because all women are prodigious, the NUXE laboratory has become the leader in the major segments of the beauty in pharmacy. No. 1 anti-aging, No. 1 body care, No.1 oils in France with its famous dry oil: Nuxe prodigious oil 100ml .   For a prodigious beauty routine, NUXE you discover a selection of treatments to choose the face moisturizer, anti-aging cream and body moisturizer appropriate for your skin type and age. All face creams and anti-aging creams consist of unprecedented selection of assets contained within the plant. Each NUXE cream provides exceptional use of pleasure with voluptuous textures and delicious fragrances.

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