KIT Homeopathic flu prevention with influenzinum 9 CH-thymuline Lehning Rocal

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KIT Homeopathic flu prevention with influenzinum 9 CH and thymuline Lehning-Rocal: to prevent seasonal flu symptoms, this kit consists of 5 doses of Influenzinum 9 CH, a tube of each granule of these strains: Thymulin 9CH, and Serum of Yersin 15CH

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Used for : influenza

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    KIT Homeopathic flu prevention with influenzinum 9 CH and thymuline Lehning-Rocal

    Each year, experts from different countries meet in Geneva under the auspices of the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine against influenza to be used in subsequent months, depending on the flu strains more active.

    The vaccine composition of the 2016/2017 seasonal influenza, used in the manufacture of our homeopathic INFLUENZINUM unit, is a mixture of three strains:

    A / California / 7/2009 (H1N1) pdm09;
    A / Switzerland / 9715293/2013 (H3N2);
    B / Phuket / 3073/2013.

    The composition is different from that of last year vaccine.

    09/23/2016: Influenzinum 2016-2017 Boiron, Ferrier, Lehning-ROCAL available in pharmacies

    Description KIT Homeopathic flu prevention Lehning-Rocal

    The winter season approaching, the time of the influenza vaccination is there.

    Two options are available: the allopathic injectable vaccine (VAXIGRIP, INFLUVAC, AGRIPPAL, Fluarix, Mutagrip, IMMUGRIP, GRIPGUARD) or a homeopathic alternative with the single dose of Influenzinum. It is not strictly speaking a vaccine but it is a way of effective prevention against flu and flu symptoms.

    Each year homeopathic single dose of influenzinum are produced from the new vaccine. The influenzinum 2016/2017 strain is an infinitesimal dilution of vaccine against influenza 2016-2017.

    The influenzinum "new strain" is available in pharmacies since September 23, 2016, date of availability of the anti injectable flu vaccine (VAXIGRIP, INFLUVAC, AGRIPPAL, Fluarix, Mutagrip, IMMUGRIP, GRIPGUARD).

    Properties flu homeopathy kit

    Kit homeopathic treatment and prevention of flu-like symptoms:

    INFLUENZINUM 9CH: This homeopathic stock is manufactured from the influenza vaccine.

    Thymulin 9CH: This homeopathic stock is a dilution of a thymic hormone synthesis plays a role in immune defenses.

    SERUM YERSIN 15CH: This homeopathic stock is obtained from a dilution Shepherd anti-plague serum to reduce pulmonary complications of influenza.

    use of homeopathic flu treatment kit advice

    The presentation of this homeopathic remedy in the form of dose-globule or granule tube is convenient. We must empty the entire contents of the dose under the tongue, between meals, and without touching the cells with your fingers.

    The dosage of influenzinum in preventing influenza is: a dose of Influenzinum 9CH a week for a month, then one dose a month the following months, as exposure to the influenza virus persists.

    Alternate taking 10 homeopathic granules thymulin 9CH and SERUM YERSIN 15CH second Sunday in order to strengthen the effectiveness of a single dose of influenzinum 9CH.

    Composition of homeopathic kit to prevent flu

    This kit, designed to prevent seasonal flu symptoms, consists of 5 single-dose blood cells Influenzinum 9CH, granule tube of each of these strains: Thymulin 9CH, and 15CH Yersin Serum.

    Depending on availability, we provide homeopathic medicines Lehning-ROCAL or Boiron or Ferrier

    additional natural treatment in preventing influenza

    You can complete the treatment by taking a bulb or tablets Copper trace elements daily or manganese-copper.

    Echinacea is also a good remedy for stimulating immune defenses.

    As should we vaccinate against influenza homeopathically?

    From the month of September. Influenzinum is excellent for preventing influenza.

    Homeopathy and herbal medicine can they, protect you or cure you of disease this winter, without unwanted side effects.

    If you fear above all the arrival of the flu, nature has given us the means to prevent it: Plants and granules, related or not, will protect you from the famous virus.

    Possible complications with seasonal flu

    The flu can cause more or less severe complications, and sometimes fatal in some people more vulnerable. This regards the young children, the elderly, pregnant women, patients with respiratory or heart disease, people with immunodeficiency. Sinusitis and / or bronchitis may occur with the waning of the flu. Severe, and fortunately rare complications can be observed in frail or elderly: pneumonia, pleurisy or meningitis may occur for example. Influenza, a contagious disease can lead to serious complications.
    Influenza is the leading cause of death by infectious disease in France and worldwide. The flu causes about 1,500 in France and 5,000 deaths each year.


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