Rhino horn lota washing the nose - nasal hygiene

Rhino horn lota washing the nose - nasal hygiene

Comment on Rhino-horn lota nasal hygiene, washing the nose, colds, sinusitis, pollen allergies

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Used for : colds, sinusitis, nasal hygiene, washing the nose, pollen allergies, nose wash, pollen allergies

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    Rhino horn lota washing the nose - nasal hygiene

    Écollogique and economic Care

    Stuffy nose?
    Respiratory allergies?
    Sinus problems?
    Nasal hygiene, nice and refreshing - recommended by doctors.
    Pod included for salt.
    Inside a detailed manual with helpful information.

    Description Rhino-horn lota

    The Rhino Horn is an apparatus for carrying out the nose washes from warm (37 °) and salt, in case of colds, sinusitis, but if allergic to pollen and dust. Rhino Horn may be used daily and can be used in pregnant women who often suffer from stuffy nose.

    Using advice and opinion on lRhino-horn lota

    Although the Rhino Horn is easy to use, it is recommended to read the manual.

    Pour a scoop (or teaspoon) of natural salt without additives.
    Fill the Rhino Horn (3 dL) with water at 37 ° C, body temperature. Shake it gently to completely dissolve the salt and stir well with the pod.
    Apply the tip of Rhino Horn against the less clogged nostril. Press lightly to prevent leakage.
    Breathe normally through the mouth. It is impossible to breathe through the nose during the passage of water.
    Lean slightly forward over the sink. Do not move the chin tuck it instead toward your chest.
    Turn your head to the side while keeping the chin. The water will flow into one nostril and will be removed through the other.
    When half of the water has drained, remove the Rhino Horn of the nostril and straighten the head. Water will flow from the nose. Block one nostril and gently blow through the other to facilitate flow. Repeat on the other side. Do not blow too hard to avoid plugging your ears.
    Pour the remaining water in the other nostril using the same procedure.
    Make sure there is no more water in your nose and sinuses after washing.
    After using Rhino horn, empty, rinse and let air dry. Viruses and bacteria do not survive on dry plastic.


    Made of hard plastic, environmentally friendly and recyclable

    Rhino horn presentation lota

    Available in red or blue.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Recommended by ORLs.
    The nose washing is recommended in the care and prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract: nose plugged, colds and rhinitis, sinusitis and allergies.
    "The nose wash with warm water and salt unclutters and cleans the nose gently. It's a simple gesture without adverse effects.
    The nose washing was very effective in the prevention and treatment of sinusitis, and is also a useful component in the treatment of chronic sinusitis.
    Very often people allergic to pollen and dust have their discomfort decreased by washing the nose with salt water. "
    This recommendation is signed by many Norwegian ENT specialists.
    Nasal cleansing is part of folk medicine in many parts of the world and is a natural medical care.
    In some African tribes, it is said that washing the nose "cleans thoughts" (mental clarity). In the practice of yoga washing the nose has always been part of the purification process.
    Yoga is an ancient system based on practical methods that aim to increase the physical and mental well-being. Increasingly yoga techniques are used in our culture. Brushing teeth is for thousands of years. It has become a common gesture with us for 100 years only. Now the use of Rhino Horn nasal hygiene becomes a habit increasingly adopted.

    The Rhino Horn is created by Per Peo Olsen who is the founder and managing director of the School of Yoga in Oslo. Rhino Horn is made of hard plastic, recyclable and environmentally friendly (HDPE) and is produced in Norway. It easily keeps in hand, the tip is nice against the nose and shape controls the pressure of water that passes so easily in the nostrils. Rhino Horn is on sale in pharmacies in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

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