RAYLEX stop fingernails gnawed


Raylex antironge stylus is a device designed to stop the gnawing nails (nail biting).

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Used for : onychophagia, damaged nails, onychophagy, Damaged nails

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    RAYLEX stop fingernails gnawed

    No one is proud, yet many of us do. To do what? To nail biting!
    We must not delude ourselves. The best way to stop nail biting s is to draw a clear line on this bad habit, or more precisely, ... a clear line on his fingers.
    Raylex has the bitter taste of grapefruit peel. Raylex contains a unique combination of bark extracts and citrus denatonium. The denatonium has the honor of being written in the Book of Records as the most bitter substance in the world. Exactly what it takes to stop nail biting (nail biting).

    Description RAYLEX STOP NAIL PEN gnawed

    Raylex penetrates the nail, promotes growth, does not shine, has a bitter taste acceptable.

    Stop nail biting is not done alone in his corner. Raylex The stylus and the free application Raylex ® has the solution against the nail biting.

    Using advice from RAYLEX STOP NAIL PEN gnawed

    Easy to apply, in each Raylex packaging is a handy stylus that allows to treat with great precision small areas

    Raylex Apply one to two times per day on the fingertips (or sides if you mordillez them) and not on the entire nail.

    Composition RAYLEX STOP NAIL PEN gnawed

    Its assets, a combination of citrus peel extracts and denatonium, are exactly what it takes to stop nail biting. The denatonium is written in the Book of Records as the most bitter substance in the world.

    Precaution of use

    External use. Keep out of reach of children.

    Introducing RAYLEX STOP NAIL PEN gnawed

    Boite a stylus 3.5 ml

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    Stop the bitten nails in 5 steps

    1 Be first determined to stop.

    2 Raylex® Apply once or twice a day on your nails.

    3 Download the free application Raylex®   on your smartphone.

    4 Advertise your loved ones that you stopped. Decide in advance of a reward you octroierez you if you succeed.

    5 Encourage rodents nails around you stop too. Together we are stronger!

    Promotes nail growth

    To stimulate nail growth, Raylex contains biotin, better known as vitamin H or vitamin B8. This vitamin promotes the growth of your nails. So you not only stop biting your nails, you will find further and more quickly beautiful long nails.

    Do not shine: for him and her

    Raylex enters the nail instead of staying on the surface. It is much more efficient, and it does not leave a glossy layer on the nails.

    A bitter taste acceptable

    Raylex was designed to produce an acceptable bitterness, which is therefore much less pronounced than that given off by other products for preventing you from biting your nails.

    What onychophagy?

    Scientists use often complicated and sometimes incomprehensible words to talk about dangerous or health conditions. This is the case for disorders of nails.

    The nail biting is the scientific term for the act of biting nails, and more precisely fingernails. This may seem trivial and it is often the case; but this usually minimal at first sight may have negative health effects.

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