PHYSIOFLOR 7 CAPSULES VAGINAL probiotic in our bio pharmacy

Capsules probiotics to restore the vaginal flora and quickly relieve itching and unusual discharge.

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Partners with: LOMEXIN 2% MYCOSES 30G

Used for : intimate comfort, vaginal flora, vaginal mycosis, vaginal flora, vaginal mycosis

contains: Lactobacillus crispatus

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    Women prone to recurrent yeast infections are well aware, summer is the season of all dangers. But by balancing the vaginal flora, it is easy to prevent vaginal yeast infection recurrence.

    Description PHYSIOFLOR CAPSULES probiotic VAGINAL

    Physioflor of IPRAD laboratories (Saforelle) consists of natural probiotics to restore and maintain healthy vaginal flora.

    Probiotic capsules are taken vaginally. They help rebalance the vaginal physiological pH, in addition to a treatment or prevention of imbalances of the vaginal flora.

    Physioflor can quickly relieve the vaginal discomfort: odors, itching, unusual discharge ...

    Physioflor contains a patented probiotic strain Lactobacillus. This probiotic Lactobacillus crispatus has been carefully selected and tested clinically.
    By producing lactic acid, lactobacilli stabilize the physiological pH of the vagina, thereby enhancing the mechanisms of natural defenses against vaginal infections.

    This protective lactobacilli is the major marker of the health of the vaginal flora. True medical innovation, PHYSIOFLOR range offers women the only vaginal probiotic made from 100% Lactobacillus crispatus.

    Directions for use and dosage

    Outside the rules, prevention of yeast infections for example, place a capsule Physioflor the vagina daily at bedtime for 7 days. One week = a cure.

    If necessary, it is possible to extend the use of Physioflor.

    Without hormones, it is suitable for pregnant women.

    Moisten the capsule before introduction into the vagina.

    Use by deep intra-vaginally.


    Active component: A vaginal capsule contains 10 Physioflor (9) Latobacillus crispatus (IP174178 patented strain) release.

    Other ingredients: Magnesium stearate, milk powder, fructo-oligosaccharide, sodium glutamate, ascorbic acid, sodium thiosulfate, Glucose, Brewer's yeast, Polysorbate 80, capsule hydroxymethyl propyl cellulose of plant origin.

    Introducing probiotic PHYSIOFLOR


    Physioflor restores and stabilizes the vaginal flora by providing daily physiological amount of Lactobacillus crispatus, the most prevalent strain in the vagina but also the most fragile in the event of imbalance.

    Physioflor quickly relieves discomfort and helps eliminate intimate discomforts such as irritation, itching, unusual odors and loss characteristics of an imbalance of flora.

    There are also Physioflor LP, probiotic vaginal tablets taken twice weekly.

    2 gélénique choice to respect the nature of each woman. Only in relay or associated with the treatment of vulvovaginal infections.

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    If Vulvovaginal mycoses are never serious, they are extremely painful. While they may end up spending their own, Vulvovaginal mycoses have a tendency to recur. Better to consult your doctor or gynecologist: a levy is essential

    If one wants to accurately identify the germs that are involved and find the best treatment, consultation with your doctor or gynecologist, and a vaginal swab is essential.

    Vaginal yeast infections: treatment and prevention

    - The eggs are sufficient if it is a simple yeast infection. Six out of ten times, it is a fungus called "pure": flora home indeed too many mushrooms, but only Candida albicans. Applying cream and antifungals ovules (lomexin) at bedtime, for one to three days will help to remedy.

    - Probiotics can be taken in addition if other microorganisms. Four out of ten times, there are other microorganisms associated with Candida albicans. To deal with these mixed fungal infections, antifungal topical are necessary but not sufficient. We must add to them taking probiotics (Physioflor). As they are already present naturally in the vagina, supplementation will help restore a good bacterial balance.

    - The pads impregnated with probiotics also deal, they both act as periodic protection and prevention of genital mycosis treatment.

    Drugs for Fungal Pharmacy Online: Order your medication to treat your problems mushrooms in your bio pharmacy online.


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