CUT IPHYM ORIGAN luminary Herb Origanum vulgare L.

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ORIGAN luminary CUT 100G IPHYM Origanum vulgare L.

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Used for : angine, infection urinaire, insuffisance hépato-biliaire

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    CUT IPHYM ORIGAN luminary Herb Origanum vulgare L.

    Latin name: Origanum vulgare L.

    Family: Lamiaceae

    Common names: Oregano, Oregano vulgar or true oregano, wild marjoram

    Parts used: Flowering top

    Origin: Europe, Middle East, North America

    Properties ORIGAN luminary CUT

    Oregano has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and
    expectorant. It is carminative and emmenagogue. It increases bile secretion. It's an appetizer and an immune stimulant. This plant is also antioxidant and anti-gallstone; it inhibits the aggregation of calcium oxalate crystals, and protects renal epithelial cells. There is a antispasmodic effect.

    Indications and uses of ORIGAN luminary CUT

    Oregano is used in the following therapeutic indications:

    - Cough, sore throat, bronchitis, asthma

    - Rules Delay

    - Urinary Tract Infections

    - Hepatobiliary dysfunction (flavonoids)

    - External use: crevices, cracks, like mouthwash oral analgesic, stuffy nose

    Cons-indications with ORIGAN luminary CUT

    - Marjoram and oregano contain vitamin K. This vitamin, necessary among other blood clotting, can be manufactured by the body in addition to being in certain foods. People taking anticoagulants should take a diet in which the content of vitamin K is relatively stable from one day to another. Herbs, including marjoram and oregano, must be used only as a seasoning.

    Botanical description of ORIGAN luminary CUT

    Perennial 80 cm high (sub-shrub) with red stems quadrangular, elliptic opposite leaves small, purple-pink flowers in panicles.
    Europe, Middle East, North America.
    dry calcareous soils, seashores.

    Pharmacology ORIGAN luminary CUT

    Active ingredients: ET tanons, flavonoids, phenolic acids

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