Phytosun Spray aroms convenient buttons lip 15ml

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Aroms practice Phytosun buttons lip Spray 15 ml bio sale in our pharmacy: Spray Practice lips buttons aims to eliminate unsightly and painful pimples on the lips.

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Used for : labial button

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Phytosun Spray aroms convenient buttons lip 15ml

This product contains a combination of essential oils that act synergistically to eliminate pimples lips.

Description Spray Phytosun aroms practice lips buttons 15ml

Phytosun Spray aroms practice lips buttons 15 ml contains a multitude of specific essential oils to the lips. C e Spray anti goal lips buttons is to eliminate unsightly and painful pimples on the lips. The formula is known for its decongestant and regenerative labial mucosa.

Directions for use Spray Phytosun aroms convenient buttons lip 15ml

In local application using a moistened cotton swab with the spray three times daily.

- ATTENTION scrupulously respect the prescribed doses

- Not advised for pregnant or lactating women

- Prohibited in epilepsy

- Forbidden to people allergic to linalool or limonene

- Forbidden to asthmatics without the advice of an allergist

- Nerve high dose

- Do not use in topical use in children, especially near the nose and respiratory tract because it can cause spasms of the larynx or bronchial tubes that can cause choking and seizures

- Allergy possible menthol

- In high doses can cause headache, bradycardia, tremor, ataxia, and insomnia

- Do not use in case of cardiovascular disorders

- For adults

Phytosun Spray composition aroms practice lips buttons 15ml

Essential oils:

- Niaouli

- Lemongrass

- Spike lavender

- Pepper mint

Introducing aroms Spray Phytosun buttons lip convenient 15 ml

Spray 15 ml

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