Pacifier Mam Air Papillon + 18months

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Pacifier Mam Air Papillon + 18 months on sale in your pharmacy bio online. Pacifier Mam Air Papillon + 18months has been scientifically proven and recommended by dentists. Its nipple Silk Silicone is very soft and flexible, it reproduces the gentle breast mom during feeding.

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    Pacifier Mam Air Papillon + 18months

    - Anatomical silicone pacifier
    - Follows the shape of the mouth
    - Easy to catch
    - Symmetrical shape that fits naturally into the correct position
    - Designed in collaboration with dentists to ensure optimal oral development
    - Unique patented smooth by MAM
    - Wide opening that lets the skin breathe and allows to see the baby smiling

    Description Mam Pacifier Air Papillon + 18months

    Pacifier Mam Air Papillon + 18months has been scientifically proven and recommended by dentists. Its nipple Silk Silicone is very soft and flexible, it reproduces the mild in the mother during breastfeeding. With its airy skirt, baby's skin breathe without being irritated. The symmetrical nipple is unique, adapting to each baby's mouth during sucking and teeth and jaw can develop properly.

    Using advice Mam Pacifier Air Papillon + 18months

    For hygiene, boil the pacifier 5 minutes before first use. Cool 5 minutes before feeding the baby. If water enters the nipple of the pacifier when cleaning or sterilization: expel the by pressing the nipple. Clean before each use with warm water and soap. Avoid aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents (detergent, dishwashing liquid). Never soak in a sweet liquid or a drug (risk of tooth decay). For hygiene and safety, replace the pacifier after one or two months of use. MAM recommends to stop using pacifiers around the age of 3 years. Before use, carefully examine the pacifier. Pull the soother in all directions. The throw at any sign of damage or weakness. Use only pacifier clips in accordance with EN 12586. Never attach ribbon or cord to the pacifier because your child could strangle. Do not expose to sunlight or intense heat. Do not soak in longer indicated sterilizing solution, this may weaken the teat. If the pacifier gets stuck in your baby's mouth, DO not panic: it can not be swallowed and is designed for this type of situation. Remove it very gently.

    Composition of Mam Pacifier Air Papillon + 18months

    BPA Nipple flat symmetrical. Corolla with rounded edge, fine, pure, transparent and colorful breakthrough, wings butterfly shape for better air circulation. Without gripping ring .. Comes with a storage box to sterilize. Colours: assorted colors and designs in the center of the corolla

    Lollipop presentation Mam Air Papillon + 18months

    1 lollipop - patterns and colors to availability

    Mam Silicone pacifiers in your bio pharmacy online

    Discover our new range of silicone pacifiers mam in the maternity section of your pharmaice bio online.

    MAM pacifiers, companion both inseparable and responsible babies. It fits perfectly and produces a calming effect.

    To meet the highest demands, designers and dentistestravaillent closely to develop pacifiers. MAM designers have designed pacifiers of different sizes to ensure maximum comfort to babies during the different phases of their development. A specific design promoting a perfect maintenance of the pacifier in the mouth. The pacifier has an anatomical shape that respects the natural development of the jaw. Sweet Pacifier as silk. The silicone which composes the soft MAM pacifier as silk affirms its difference: its sweetness is n ulle any other in the baby's mouth. With its non-slip texture, it offers good stability in the mouth. The MAM natural latex highlights its ecological origin. Grown and harvested in the environmental, latex 100% natural milk is processed on site to obtain a latex of exceptional quality. This is the purest expression of MAM quality.

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