Arkofluides Artichoke Fennel Organic 20x15ml ARKOPHARMA

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Arkofluides Artichoke Fennel Organic is a food supplement for people wishing to detoxify their body and maintain good digestive comfort.

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    ARKOPHARMA Arkofluides Artichoke Fennel Organic BULBS 20 X 10ml

    Arkofluides Artichoke Fennel Organic is a food supplement for people wishing to detoxify their body and maintain good digestive comfort.

    Properties Fennel bulbs Arkofluides Artichoke Bio

    ARKOFLUIDES® ARTICHAUT FENOUIL BIO is made from carefully selected plants:
    The Artichoke promotes the elimination of toxins and fats in the liver. Fennel involved in the body's elimination functions and helps reduce the formation of gas naturally produced during digestion.

    Results with Artichoke Fennel bulbs Arkofluides Bio

    The Arkofluides Artichoke Bio Fennel bulbs ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES, will help cleanse and purify your body after excesses, treatment or cure during the year.

    bulbs use tips Arkofluides Artichoke Fennel Organic

    Fennel bulbs Arkofluides Artichoke Bio ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES, will take on a daily basis at the rate of one a day:
    Shake the bulb before breaking the tips. Pour the contents in half a glass of water. Drink the mixture.

    For adults and over 15 year old.


    Plant extract (*) [obtained from 1.3 g of artichoke leaf (*) (Cynara scolymus) and 0.5 g of fennel fruit (*) (Foeniculum vulgare) for 1 bulb] - Sugar cane (*) - natural flavor of anise with other natural flavors - natural flavor.
    (*) Ingredient of agricultural origin obtained by the organic production method.
    EU Agriculture / Non EU.
    ✓ AB - Organic farming
    ✓ Alcohol
    ✓ Without preservatives
    ✓ Without sweetener


    Fennel bulbs Arkofluides Artichoke Bio ARKOPHARMA LABORATORIES:
    Are food supplements and should not replace a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle.

    It is possible to renew taken several times a year.
    Not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

    bulbs presentation Arkofluides Artichoke Fennel Organic

    Box of 20 drinkable ampoules bio

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