The essential oil of SCULPED SAGE of PHYTOSUN AROMS Laboratories is ideal to relieve menopausal or menstrual disorders.

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Clary Sage is a perennial plant from the South of France whose flowers are distilled with water vapor to extract the essential oil.

Salvia sclarea
Family: Lamiaceae
Producer organ: Flowering aerial parts
Biochemical specificities: linalyl acetate, linalool, germacrene D, sclareol
Process of obtaining: Complete distillation by entrainment with the steam
Origin: France
Quality: 100% pure, natural and integral, HEBBD certified

Properties of Clary Sage Essential Oil

- Action similar to estrogen, regularization of menstrual cycles
- Regulator of secretion of sebum and perspiration
- Scalp tonic
- Tonic of the blood circulation, diuretic
- Anti-hyper-cholesterolemia
- Antispasmodic, anti-epileptic, relaxing

The essential oil of SAUGE SCLARÉE acts like the estrogen of the woman and thus makes it possible to limit the inconveniences related to the rules (abundant rules, pains, disturbances of the mood) and related to the menopause (flushes of heat).

Results of Clary Sage Essential Oil

The essential oil of SAUGE SCLARÉE is intended to help relieve women during menstruation or during menopause.

- Amenorrhea (absence of periods), pre-menopause
- Hair loss, dandruff
- Excessive sweating
- Oily skin and hair, acne, boils, skin inflammations
- Circulatory disorders, varicose veins, hemorrhoids
- Nervous fatigue

Tips for using Clary Sage Essential Oil

Oral: * By the skin: *** Diffusion: *

Oral ( flushing ): 2 drops on a neutral tablet 3 times a day.
Dermal ( heavy periods, pain) : 2 to 5 drops pure or diluted in a vegetable oil and massage 3 times a day the lower abdomen.

Painful rules (adults)
2 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil + 2 drops of Cypress Essential Oil, 2 drops of this mixture + 2 drops of Evening Primrose Oil in lower belly massage.

Excess perspiration (adults)
2 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil + 1 drop of fragrant Geranium Essential Oil + 2 drops of Cypress Essential Oil + 2 drops of Sweet Almond Plant Oil, 2 drops of this mixture in application local.

Precautions for Clary Sage Essential Oil

- Do not use after alcohol consumption, as it can cause nausea, vomiting, migraines

- Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women

- Not recommended for children (risk of hormonal interference)

- Forbidden in people with asthma without the advice of an allergist

- Forbidden in persons who have suffered from hormone-dependent cancer or who have an injury to a hormone-sensitive organ (breast, ovary, uterus)

Phytosun arôms

Phytosun arôms has been developing HEBBD Quality Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils and Aromatic Hydrolates for more than 20 years. This guarantee of quality and safety, recognized by pharmacists and doctors, positions Phytosun arôms as a leader in the sector.


Phytosun arôms is one of the brands of Omega Pharma France laboratories. Phytosun arôms provides all the guarantees of traceability of a pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of natural substances extracted from plants. Phytosun arôms products are subject to very strict pharmaceutical controls and are exclusively distributed in pharmacy and drugstore.

To meet the changing expectations of consumers, Phytosun arôms launched in 1990 the first finished product of the market: Aesculapius , then continued to develop its range of finished products with Phoebus, Demeter , a range of Oils Care Kiné + , a range of Complexes for Diffusers, a range of Aromatic Baths and a range of Aroma Ampoules .


PHYTOSUN arôms undertakes to comply with the HEBBD (Botanically and Biochemically Modified Essential Oil), French and / or European Pharmacopoeia and internal standards requirements .

  • Choice of origins, quality of the botanical species and selection of the producer organ of the plant.
  • Quality of the extraction methods used: steam distillation or cold expression.
  • Control of the identity and quality of the Essential Oil by analysis: gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
  • Guarantee of a 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil: unmodified or diluted, not deterpenated or rectified, not reconstituted.

Respect the precautions for use specific to each Essential Oil, appearing on the packaging or present on the detailed pages of the site.

If you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.

Essential Oil Clary Sage Salvia Sclarea Linnaeus on sale in your bio online pharmacy accredited ARS

Essential Oil Clary Sage Salvia Sclarea Linnaeus is known for its regulatory effects on menstrual problems and menopause, sweating. She is known to promote hair growth and also has a positive effect on oily hair and dandruff.


Warning: Not to be confused with Sage, neurotoxic and abortive, unlike clary sage devoid of toxicity.

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