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Pranarom Bio Honey Grog for the Essential oils sold in the drugstore bio to fall asleep easily. Suitable for the whole family from 7 years.

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    To prepare for sleep and a good night, drinking a hot drink (tea, milk, water ...) with a tablespoon of honey with essential oils Sleep promotes sleep: savor the moment in peace induced this impression beneficent mental physical relaxation which naturally leads to the serene and restful sleep.
    This honey can also be consumed pure.

    Description Pranarom Bio Honey Grog For Essential Oils

    Essential oils of lavender, chamomile, petitgrain and Lemongrass combine their soothing to prepare gently to sleep.

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    This sleep grog bio Pranarom introduces a new convenient and secure move to make the most of the benefits of essential oils. In a cup of hot water, simply dilute the synergy of honey, wheat syrup and essential oils precisely dosed to enjoy happy and healthy comforting beverage.

    Pranarom Bio Honey Council for use of Grog

    Stir before use
    7 to 12 years: 1 teaspoon (5ml) in a warm drink (milk / water / chamomile tea or lemon verbena) before bedtime.
    Adults age 12 and lactating women: 1 dessert spoon (10ml) in a warm drink (milk / water / herbal tea chamomile or verbena) before bedtime.
    Can be used pure.
    Do not use in pregnant women.

    Composition of Bio Pranarom Miol for Grog

    Sleep bio honey grog is a proprietary formulation of Pranarom laboratory. It consists of a delicious honey acacia and 4 essential oils known for their sedative, calming and soothing.

    With essential oils 100% organic: Petrol Mandarin *, Roman chamomile essential oil *, lavender essential oil true *, Lemongrass essential oil *

    * Ingredients from Organic Agriculture (Control Certisys BE-BIO-01) - BIO means: from Organic Agriculture (Control Certisys BE-BIO-01

    Precaution of use

    - Keep out of reach of young children.
    - Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    - Do not exceed the recommended dose.
    - Do not use for children under 7 years and for pregnant women.
    - Store at room temperature.

    Introducing Pranarom Bio Honey To Grog

    Pot of 100 ml

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    A combination of essential oils to prepare sleep
    A soothing and healthy drink
    Prepare to sleep to sleep well
    essential oils synergy bio

    Pranarôm International is a family laboratory has built a leading position in the field of scientific aromatherapy. Belgium-based International Pranarôm is a serious reference for quality essential oils chemotyped throughout Europe as well as around the world where its aromatherapy products are distributed.

    Pranarôm the name was chosen for its double meaning:
    - Prana means "breath of life" (Indian version of Chi) that breath is the beginning of all action and decision is the essential energy.

    - Arom who just Aromate. The term "aromatic" any aromatic plant which is extracted essential oils.
    Pranarôm, breath of life (overall health) provided by essential oils, plants quintessential aromatiques.Le HECT label guarantees:
    - A botanically certified distilled plant

    - Distilled part of the specified plant

    - A defined chemotype

    - A steam distillation quality water

    This label ensures an essential oil:
    100% NATURAL, non-denatured synthetic components, oils or with mineral spirits, 100% Pure, uncut with other essential oils, fatty oils or alcohols; 100% TOTAL, unbleached, non peroxidised not deterpenated and not rectified.
    Pranarôm quality is:
    - Direct supply from reputable producers that follow the lines of pipes Pranarôm.

    - A systematic quality control.

    - A team of passionate researchers, specialized in scientific aromatherapy.

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