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HOMEOPATHIC KIT FOR INFLUENZA : This kit, intended to prevent seasonal flu symptoms. You can order it now, it will be sent to you upon receipt of the new strain of influenzinum 2017-2018

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Partners with: AROMAFORCE Resistance and natural defenses PRANAROM 5 ml, Phytostandard CYPRESS ECHYNACÉE 30 CPR PHYTOPREVENT, Oligosol Copper Gold Silver CU-OR-AG oligotherapy FL 60ML LABCATAL, Pillbox Weekly Pilbox Homeo Homeopathy

Used for : influenza

contains: Yersin serum, thymuline, influenzinum

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    The vaccine composition of the 2017-2018 seasonal influenza, used in the manufacture of our homeopathic INFLUENZINUM unit, is a mixture of three strains:

    A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1)pdm09
    A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2)

    The composition is different from that of last year vaccine.

    09/11/2017: Influenzinum 2017-2018 Boiron, Ferrier, Lehning-ROCAL available in pharmacies

    Description FLU KIT HOMEOPATHY

    The winter season approaching, the time of the influenza vaccination is there.

    Two options are available: the allopathic injectable vaccine (VAXIGRIP, INFLUVAC, AGRIPPAL, Fluarix, Mutagrip, IMMUGRIP, GRIPGUARD) or a homeopathic alternative with the single dose of Influenzinum. It is not strictly speaking a vaccine but it is a way of effective prevention against flu and flu symptoms.

    Each year homeopathic single dose of influenzinum are produced from the new vaccine. The influenzinum 2017-2018 strain is an infinitesimal dilution of vaccine against influenza 2017-2018.

    The influenzinum "new strain" is available in pharmacies since 09/11/2017, for the provision of anti injectable flu vaccine (VAXIGRIP, INFLUVAC, AGRIPPAL, Fluarix, Mutagrip, IMMUGRIP, GRIPGUARD).

    Properties flu homeopathy kit

    Kit homeopathic treatment and prevention of flu-like symptoms:

    INFLUENZINUM 9CH: This homeopathic stock is manufactured from the influenza vaccine.

    Thymulin 9CH: This homeopathic stock is a dilution of a thymic hormone synthesis plays a role in immune defenses.

    SERUM YERSIN 15CH: This homeopathic stock is obtained from a dilution Shepherd anti-plague serum to reduce pulmonary complications of influenza.

    Depending on their availability, we provide Boiron homeopathic medicines, Ferrier, or Lehning-ROCAL

    use of homeopathic flu treatment kit advice

    The presentation of this homeopathic remedy in the form of dose-globule or granule tube is convenient. We must empty the entire contents of the dose under the tongue, between meals, and without touching the cells with your fingers.

    The dosage of the single dose of influenzinum in preventing influenza is: a dose of Influenzinum 9CH a week for a month, then one dose a month the following months, as exposure to the influenza virus persists.

    Alternate taking 10 pellets thymulin 9CH and 15CH SERUM YERSIN second Sunday in order to strengthen the effectiveness of a single dose of influenzinum 9CH.

    Composition of homeopathic kit to prevent flu

    This kit, designed to prevent seasonal flu symptoms, consists of 5 single-dose blood cells Influenzinum 9CH, granule tube of each of these strains: Thymulin 9CH, and 15CH Yersin Serum.

    Depending on their availability, we provide Boiron homeopathic medicines, Ferrier, or Lehning-ROCAL

    For more information: FLU PREVENTION HOMEOPATHIC

    You can complete the treatment by taking a bulb or tablets Copper trace elements daily or manganese-copper.

    Echinacea is also a good remedy for stimulating immune defenses.

    As should we vaccinate against influenza homeopathically?

    From the month of September. Influenzinum is excellent for preventing influenza.

    Homeopathy and herbal medicine can they, protect you or cure you of disease this winter, without unwanted side effects.

    If you fear above all the arrival of the flu, nature has given us the means to prevent it: Plants and granules, related or not, will protect you from the famous virus.

    Transmission of influenza virus

    Influenza is highly contagious. It is spread from an infected to a healthy person through droplets of water that our body expels aerosol during breathing, sneezing, coughing, runny nose ....

    To become infected, we must breathe a sufficient dose, and provide fertile ground. Once the flu virus will be attached to cell receptors, the influenza virus will immediately invade and force them to produce new virus which will complete them.

    Flu symptoms

    The incubation period for influenza virus lasts 24 to 48 hours. After this incubation period, the first physical manifestations caused by the disease are felt. Note that a person is contagious for about 6 days, including the day before the onset of symptoms.

    The symptoms actually reflect the immune response of the body:

    • asthenia
    • headache
    • chills
    • muscle and joint pain
    • sometimes intense fever (39-40 ° C)

    All this can be accompanied by nasal congestion, sore throat, cough. It is at this point that complications can occur because the epithelium of the respiratory system is irritated, weakened or dead cells. Therefore, pathogens can take advantage of the breach opened by the influenza virus to penetrate our body and develop it in their turn. Only in this case antibiotics may be indicated.

    Recovery is complete in most subjects in one to two weeks.

    Treatments in preventing influenza herbal In herbal medicine, the best way that we have found to prevent the flu is to naturally strengthen its immune system. Clearly, you are giving your body the arms to resist the invading microbes and do not be surprised! What is true for the flu virus also applies to those of colds and bronchitis other! A 100% guarantee to fight against the flu vaccine The idea is wonderful in itself: a simple little bite we guarantee protection against the virus. But the facts are quite different. It is estimated that the vaccine (which promises no protection before 15 days) is only effective in 60-70% of cases. We also know that it can cause a "mini-flu", headache and body aches understood ... It is also surprising to mass vaccination with a lot of free in older people, including the sometimes weak immune system sees a very dim view of the intruder happen ... In this case, the side effects can be devastating. There are a few years at that time, Mrs. Valnet, wife of Dr. Valnet, famous for having restored their pedigree with herbal medicine and aromatherapy, was persuaded that it was necessary the flu vaccine Her husband ... was not there to warn her ... At 88 years old, tired and confident in science, it is given to medical advice ... And she made vaccinated. A few days later, she left us. His case is not unique, unfortunately. But enough sadness go optimism and homeopathy: bet on Influenzinum CH 30, with 3 pellets once a week, and this until spring. Normally, this should help you fight the flu virus. Quickly, here are the first flu symptoms Imagine that you have not had time to buy a tube of granules Influenzinum, and you suddenly feel fatigue, body aches, shivers, headaches ... soon the first flu-like symptoms, order Oscillococcinum and swallow in a small tube at the earliest! This homeopathic medication is most effective when it is used quickly. The best would be to always have in stock the medicine cabinet. On your plants to avoid the flu Linden, a good ally! Less known than its calming effect, virtues-influenza lime are nevertheless compelling. It promotes perspiration, soothes backache, aches and sore typical head colds. It then recommends two cups of tea a day. In 1957, a flu epidemic has hit France and lime consumption rose from 400 tonnes to 500 tonnes usually required! Carrot juice: Preventive Treatments carrot juice weapons are known for their effectiveness in case of skin disease or liver lazy, but they are also all set to get through the flu. Every morning, go three or four carrots in the juicer and enjoy their juice. Take this healthy habit now. Your immunity will be enhanced and there is a good chance that you reach the spring without having any winter infection. The elderflower elderflower are both anti-fever and anti-flu. At the first signs, prepare the infusion: a tablespoon infused 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water. You then immediately put to bed for a good sweat! Elderflowers dry found in health food stores. They can also harvest in June, dry them and keep them all year round in a cardboard box. Think about it next year! A little common sense: if you have the flu, take a few days off, it is essential to be quick on your feet. do not over heat your room and moisten the air. disinfect your nose with saline solution or seawater and abuse of teas "disinfectant" like thyme, lavender, rosemary, sage, sweet honey to soothe your throat. You can also prepare a good grog by mixing in a bowl, the juice of one lemon, one tablespoon of honey and 20 ounces of water that has been boiled with a glass of rum for a few minutes with cinnamon bark and cloves (leave to infuse for 10 minutes before pouring into the bowl). Hot drink! You can take two or three of the grog so a day to quickly eliminate the virus.

    Specializing in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines, the French Laboratory Boiron has acquired unique know-how in the production of homeopathic medicines, the fruit of more than half a century of experience and innovation in pharmacy.

    The manufacture of complex homeopathic medicines meets specific pharmaceutical and regulatory requirements among the most stringent in the world.

    Building on the strengths of homeopathy, BOIRON complex homeopathic medicines provide simple, effective, rapid and easily accessible solutions, available only in pharmacies, with the advice of pharmacists.

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