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Boiron dilutions homéopathiquesBoiron dilutions homéopathiques

Influenzinum Boiron 9CH dose Boiron 2019-2020 Homeopathy

Influenzinum strain 2019-2020 Boiron available without a prescription at Pharmacy Mailloles dice the end of September.

You can from now to order, it will be sent as soon as the new strain of influenzinum available.

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Used for : influenza, seasonal flu

contains: influenzinum 9CH, influenzinum 9CH

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Influenzinum Boiron 2019-2020 single dose homeopathy 9CH Boiron

Each year, experts from different countries meet in Geneva under the auspices of the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine that will be used during the following months, according to the most active strains.

The vaccine composition of the 2019-2020 seasonal influenza, used in the manufacture of our homeopathic INFLUENZINUM unit, is a mixture of three strains:
A / California / 7/2009 (H1N1) pdm09
A / Switzerland / 9715293/2013 (H3N2)
B / Phuket / 3073/2013.
The composition is different than the vaccine last year.

According to WHO recommendations, two of the three strains of the influenza vaccine for 2019-2020 northern hemisphere will be new:
- A strain similar to A / California / 7/2009 (H1N1) pdm09 (unchanged)
- A strain similar to A / Hong Kong / 4801/2014 (H3N2) (new)
- A similar strain B / Brisbane / 60/2008-like virus (Victoria lineage) (new)

INFLUENZINUM 2019-2020 9 CH-dose

registered drug: EH01678
Not registered in the pharmacopoeia
Origin: Vaccines

Indications of Influenzinum 9CH and Dosage

Homeopathic medicines Influenzinum single dose blood cells can be used in various symptoms, so it is not possible to determine the indications and dosage of a specific preparation.

The homeopath chooses dilution and the appropriate dosage to the patient's health status and characteristic symptoms.

Directions for use and instructions

Remove the tongue overthrow the tube Influenzinum and gently pull the cap.
Place all cells of the dose under the tongue in one take.

It is advised not to touch the fingers homeopathic globules Influenzinum.

In case of preventive treatment against seasonal flu, Influenzinum 9ch doses are taken once a week, the first month and then once a month for 1-3 months. This decision belongs to the homeopath.

Packaging and content

Tube-dose Influenzinum translucent blood cells (used to display the remaining blood cells). 1g weight.

Storage box offered for the purchase of 5 single dose.

Precaution of use


Contains sacchararose. Keep homeopathic Influenzinum away from light, heat, moisture.

Leave homeopathic globules babies and children

For Influenzinum globules dissolve in 100ml of water. The globules are very slow to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare in advance your mixture.

Homeopathy and Pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines Influenzinum have no chemical toxicity or against indication or interaction with other medications or adverse effect related to the amount of ingested product. Pregnant women can be treated without known risk for them and their future child, but it is best to seek advice.

For more information: Natural Flu Prevention

You can complete the treatment by taking a bulb or tablets Copper trace elements daily or manganese-copper.

Echinacea is also a good remedy for stimulating immune defenses.

As should we vaccinate against influenza homeopathically?

Now, that is, dice September. Influenzinum is excellent for preventing influenza.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine can they, protect you or cure you of disease this winter, without unwanted side effects.

If you fear above all the arrival of the flu, nature has given us the means to prevent it: Plants and blood cells with or without, will protect you from the famous virus.

Some details about the vaccination against influenza

The vaccine efficacy against influenza is usually from 70% to 90%. However, it may be lower in some years because the vaccine composition changes from year to year. Read our text Vaccination against flu is it effective?
The vaccine begins to be effective two weeks after vaccination, and protection lasts about 6 months.
It is impossible to get influenza by getting vaccinated with the vaccine administered by injection because the vaccine does not contain live virus.
The vaccine against influenza does not protect against colds or against bird flu. This vaccine only protects against the virus strains contained and not against other causes of sinus infection, bronchi or lungs.
In the elderly, the vaccine against influenza reduces the risk of complications from the flu.
Each year, experts from different countries meet in Geneva under the auspices of the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine that will be used during the following months, according to the most active strains

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