POCONÉOL complex homeopathic No. 12 15ML

POCONÉOL complex homeopathic No. 12 15ML View larger


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Remedy for gastritis and gastric ulcers.


Bignonia copaia 5 CH, CH Iacaranda caroba 5, Maytenus ilicifolia 5 CH

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    POCONÉOL No. 12


    In which case the drug POCONÉOL No. 12 is used?

    This medicine is a complex (association) of homeopathic ingredients.

    It is used in the homeopathic treatment of stomach pain.

    Bignonia copaia: astringent, healing of the intestinal mucosa, regulating gastric secretion.
    Jacaranda caroba: astringent, topical digestive mucosa.
    Maytenus ilicifolia: healing the digestive mucosa, analgesic.

    Presentations drug POCONÉOL No. 12

    POCONÉOL No. 12:
    oral solution; bottle of 15 ml (drops)
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    - Free Price

    Composition of the drug POCONÉOL No. 12

    Bignonia copaia 5 CH, CH Iacaranda caroba 5, Maytenus ilicifolia 5 CH, AA, alcohol.

    Excipients: Ethanol

    Fertility, pregnancy and lactation

    Homeopathic dilutions, the substances in this product are not known to be toxic during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, do not use it without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

    Instructions for use and dosage of the drug POCONÉOL No. 12

    The drops should be diluted in a little water and taken preferably between meals.

    Usual dose:

    15 drops per day.

    Side effects of this medicine

    You felt an adverse effect may be due to this medicine, you can declare by downloading the form.

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