KIT Homeopathic Allergy ENT


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KIT Homeopathic Allergy ENT (Histaminum, EUPHRASIA, SABADILLA, Naphtalinum, ALLIUM CEPA) to prevent seasonal allergy symptoms.

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    KIT Homeopathic Allergy ENT

    We offer the "homeopathic kit" by following prevention and treatment of ENT allergies

    Directions for use and dosage of homeopathic allergy kit

    The presentation of this homeopathic remedy in the form of granules is practical. We must follow the dosage, between meals, and pellets without touching with fingers.

    Depending on the symptoms and their intensity, choose the appropriate homeopathic stock.

    Cases of allergy eye flow and irritated

    Histaminum 5CH 2 granules 3 times per day

    associated with EUPHRASIA 5CH 2 granules 3 times per day

    Cases of allergy with the wings of the nose irritated

    Histaminum 5CH 2 granules 3 times per day

    associated ALLIUM CEPA 5 CH 2 granules 3 times a day

    The allergy causes sneezing burst

    Histaminum 5 CH 2 granules 3 times a day or more in case of acute crisis

    associated with SABADILLA 5CH 2 granules 3 times per day

    Cases of allergy eye and nose are irritated

    Histaminum 5CH associated Naphtalinum 5 CH 2 granules of each 3 times a day, spaced from improvement

    Composition of homeopathic kit ENT Allergy

    This kit, for preventing seasonal allergic symptom, is composed of a tube 80 of granules of each strain following:

    Histaminum 5CH, EUPHRASIA 5CH, SABADILLA 5CH, Naphtalinum 5CH, ALLIUM CEPA 5CH

    For more information on allergies

    Allergy, also called hypersensitivity, is an abnormal reaction of the immune system against foreign elements in the body (allergens), but harmless.

    What are the organs affected by allergic reactions?

    The allergy can manifest in different parts of the body: the skin, the eyes, the digestive system or airways. The types of symptoms and their intensity will vary depending on where the allergy occurs, and depending on several other factors, specific to each person. They can be very discreet, as the appearance of redness on the skin, or life-threatening, such as anaphylactic shock.

    Causes allergies

    For there to be an allergy, two conditions are essential: the organization must be sensitive to a substance, called an allergen, and this substance must be in the person's environment.

    What we are allergic?

    The most common allergens are among the airborne allergens, pollen, dust mites droppings and pet dander.

    Allergic to animal hair? It is not allergic to the hair but the dander or saliva of animals (cat, dog), any more than it is the feather pillow and duvet, but the feces of mites that s 'hide there.

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