Herbal liver Médiflor # 5 Boldo, purple, rosemary and kinkeliba

Herbal liver Médiflor # 5 Boldo, purple, rosemary and kinkeliba View larger


MEDIFLOR tisanes et infusionsMEDIFLOR tisanes et infusions

The Herbal Liver Médiflor # 5 Boldo, purple, rosemary and kinkeliba is a herbal medicine. This medicine is traditionally used in adults to promote the elimination of bile and aid digestion.

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    Herbal liver Médiflor # 5 Boldo, purple, rosemary and kinkeliba

    Description Mediflor n5 liver

    The Herbal Liver Médiflor # 5 Boldo, purple, rosemary and kinkeliba is a herbal medicine. This medicine is traditionally used in adults to promote the elimination of bile and aid digestion.

    Application advice and opinions on Mediflor n5 hepatic bag 24

    Adult: Max 2 cups a day for 3 weeks

    For adults only

    1-2 cups per day, course of 2 to 3 weeks.
    Use a sachet infusion per cup of boiling water

    Method of administration: oral

    Pour boiling water over the sachet, cover and leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes, then remove the sachet.

    Duration of treatment should not exceed 2 to 3 weeks of treatment
    If the symptoms persist, consult your doctor

    Composition Mediflor n5 hepatic bag 24

    Active Ingredients: Boldo 0.45 g, 0.45 g rosemary, kinkeliba 0.45g, 0.27g purple,
    for a dose of 1.8 g sachet
    The other component: Licorice (root)

    Precaution for use with the tea Mediflor n5 liver

    Never TEA Mediflor # 5 HEPATIC if history allergic to any of the constituents.

    In case of doubt, it is essential to seek the advice your doctor or pharmacist

    Do not exceed the dose and length of therapy

    Taking or using other drugs

    If you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including medicines onbtenu without prescription, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

    Pregnancy - Breastfeeding

    The use of this drug should generally be avoided during pregnancy
    If you discover that you are pregnant during treatment, consult your doctor as only he can judge the need to continue
    The use of this drug should be avoided during breastfeeding
    Ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine

    List of excipients with known effects: This medication contains liquorice

    Introducing Mediflor n5

    Box of 24 sachets

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    Laboratory Médiflor plants are carefully selected and monitored to ensure the quality of our teas: botanical description, chemical and microbiological research pesticide residues controls.

    Infusions laboratory Médiflor are made from plants (cut infusette) and packaged in bags woven paper, unsized for a perfect conservation of aromas, flavors and their benefits, plants are protected by a sealed individual bag.

    Trademark of Merck Medication family, Médiflor was established in 1972 with a range of herbal teas and infusions quickly become references for consumers and pharmacists. In 2004, she joined its offer of medicines and food supplements herbal to become the Laboratory Médiflor. The 4 large Médiflor Laboratory of product families are:
    The drugs with AMM *: Prospan® (syrup), Mildac®, Plénésia® and Tonilax® (tablets), Arnica Médiflor® (gel) ...
    Dietary supplements: Acygil® (tablets), Oropolis® (pellets)
    Herbal teas with AMM * 5 references: Herbal Médiflor (sachet) No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, No. 7, No. 14.
    The Médiflor infusions, bag and bulk: 65 references (Lime, Hibiscus, ...)
    * Marketing Authorisation: Authorisation on the Market

    With some health products based on active plant natural that it develops, the Médiflor Laboratory offers all those who want access to effective health products without mandatory prescription. Minor everyday problems (urinary discomfort, sensitive throat), therapeutic indication (mild depression, coughing, transient transit problems or sleep ....), The Médiflor Laboratory wants to provide solutions to the ills of every day by formulating products with the compounds innovative and proven the best dosages.
    The Laboratory has Médiflor pharmaceutical Merck power and has the expertise to develop products containing natural active ingredients from plants or, to the demonstrated action and with good tolerance. With great care, it seeks to ensure the quality of raw materials and control the process of formulation of assets at all stages, in compliance with the regulations. Health products offered by the Laboratory Médiflor and offer efficacy / safety that perfectly meets the latest requirements of consumers and health professionals.
    (From C. Viénot, in charge of the Laboratory Médiflor) "With its range of drugs created in 2004, Médiflor sought to respond to a growing demand for natural treatments, minimizing side effects and no addictive ... but that" work " really ! So we focused our research on effective assets of the most frequent pathologies, for which a suitable solution is proposed. Backed by its longstanding expertise of plants of interest for health and scientific approach supported by clinical studies, the Laboratory Médiflor hoists the natural assets to a demonstrated scientific level. "

    The plants treat humans since the beginning of humanity and have lost none of their interest, quite the contrary ... Today, a better scientific understanding of their effects, greater control of the selection and dosages and requirements that go into their composition makes it a suitable solution more secure to relieve sore everyday.

    Herbal medicine comes from the Greek, phyto, plant, and therapia, care: it means "treatment of diseases in plants." Specifically, it is a discipline that uses the medicinal properties of plants and their extracts to correct some of the organism functioning disorders. This medicine several millennia, coincides with the appearance of all civilizations of the world. The plants were the basis of a huge part of modern pharmacopoeia establishment in the nineteenth century, when it managed to isolate the active principles of plants. Transport facilitation and international trade in the twentieth century allowed the sharing of experiences on the plants of different continents. Great today medicines come from the purification plant substances: quinine against malaria, ergot against migraine ... In 1986, the therapy by plants has been recognized by the Ministry of Health.
    Over time, medicinal plants used were transformed: dried, pulverized, extracted, purified some of their assets, their dosages adjusted ... The molecules isolated from plants have made great progress effectively. Sometimes the whole plant remains preferred as it contains other compounds with the concomitant presence potentiates the effect ... The nature, but well made complex, needs to be better understood. Medicinal plants are therefore still the subject of active scientific research.
    Often the advanced search confirms the properties that the ancients conferred to the plants by the experience, but it also discovers their new properties. With advances in agricultural knowledge and techniques, chemical and pharmacological, selection of plants in herbal medicine is now done on scientific grounds. The extracts were tested on reliable models and in clinical trials on humans according to strict protocols. Often they turn out just as effective as synthetic molecules often with better tolerance. This safety proves invaluable especially for treating mild conditions.
    more research wellness, natural, gentle, but also of autonomy ... Today, a population increasingly wide turns to the plants to cure their ailments everyday. Faced with this change vis-à-vis society of his health, the regulation of herbal products has increased significantly, guaranteeing consumers the safety and efficiency.

    Our organic teas and infusions in bags or in bulk, are made from mixtures of medicinal plants, provided by pharmaceutical companies, high-quality collateral.

    They act synergistically for optimal efficiency. Whether to sleep better naturally detoxify or improve transit, we also offer the best advice to decorate your catch. Our doctors of pharmacy, training herbalists and offer you quality teas and infusions at best prices.

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