This tea contains 4 organic plants with relaxing and slightly sedative, foster a deep and restful sleep.

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Herbal medicine is a gentle and natural method that can help you find a harmonious sleep. Taking sleeping pills, which to this day many disadvantages, both physically, mentally, but also in terms of addiction. Sleeping pills, deteriorating the quality of sleep and efficiency degrades over time, they can also have side effects like, sleepwalking, drowsiness during the day, dizziness and substantially affect memory. With plants, no risk, you will find a natural sleep and quality that make your waking a fun time where all your faculties are optimal.

Characteristic of Sleep Relaxation Arkobio tea

INFUSION BIO SLEEP RELAXATION Arkobio is a natural beverage that promotes recovery from a deep sleep and quality.

Indications for Sleep Relaxation Arkobio tea

This infusion of ARKOPHARMA brings a beneficial relaxation at bedtime and promotes deep sleep and quality to find serene and quiet nights.

Complete formulation of the Sleep Relaxation Arkobio tea

Lavender Extract
Lavender struggle against the state of anxiety and stress, to encourage the moment of falling asleep and providing restful sleep.
Extract Melissa
Melissa promotes muscle relaxation and restores a sustainable and quality sleep.
Lime Extract
Lime reduces the states of nervousness and neutralizes sleep disorders.
Chamomile Extract
Chamomile acts on the central nervous system to provide a balance that promotes the timing of sleep and affects deep sleep to limit nighttime awakenings.

Use the Sleep Relaxation Tips tea Arkobio

These infusions are eaten during the day but especially at night at bedtime:
Immerse an infusion bag in a cup of boiling water.
Let steep for about five to ten minutes.
Drink this tea before bedtime.

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Our organic teas and infusions in bags or in bulk, are made from mixtures of medicinal plants, provided by pharmaceutical companies, high-quality collateral.

They act synergistically for optimal efficiency. Whether to sleep better naturally detoxify or improve transit, we also offer the best advice to decorate your catch. Our doctors of pharmacy, training herbalists and offer you quality teas and infusions at best prices.

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