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Used for : tachycardia, nervous asthma, Menopausal disorders

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PHYTOSUN AROMS ESSENTIAL OIL Roman Chamomile Chamaemelum NOBILE 5 ml

Nicknamed "the lion of the grass", chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory action and sedative but it has a multitude of other properties that should make it a must as this treatment in the family pharmacy.

Scientific name: Chamaemelum nobile
Other names: Roman chamomile, chamomile noble, noble chamomile, Anthemis fragrant, Anjou chamomile.
Distilled part of the plant: the flower
Aromatic molecules: angelate isobutyl isoamyl angelate
Origin: France

essential oil 100% pure, natural and chemotyped.
Oil from organic farming AB (Control Certisys-BE1).

Properties of the essential oil of Roman chamomile

The essential oil of Roman chamomile has relaxant and anti-depressive. It is also a digestive tonic. It is sedative and calming the central nervous system. This essential oil inhibits anxiety when used in massage. It is analgesic, antispasmodic, hypotensive, sedative, and neurotonic nervous rebalancing. But also pruritic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

traditional indications of the essential oil of Roman chamomile

We use the essential oil of Roman chamomile in the following therapeutic indications:

- Disorders of menopause, emotional distress, emotional trauma, depression

- Neuritis, neuralgia, shingles, nerve trauma

- Nervous asthma, hypersensitivity, hyperkinesia, agitation

- Disorders of blood circulation

- Tachycardia, palpitations

- Insomnia, nightmares (children over 7 years)

- Allergic Land (asthma, eczema, conjunctivitis, pruritus, urticaria)

- Soothing Massage

Dosage / synergy with essential oil of Roman chamomile

Calming, regulating the autonomic nervous system and cardiac system, such anxieties accompanied by palpitations; dilute the essential oil of Roman Chamomile 5% in vegetable oil wheat germ. To massage the solar plexus with this mixture.

Directions for use / precautions for use of the essential oil of Roman chamomile

- Not advised for pregnant or lactating women

- Prohibited in persons with allergies to Asteraceae or limonene

- Prohibited in asthmatics without the advice of an allergist

- Prohibited in epilepsy

- This product can not replace a balanced diet

- Do not exceed the recommended dose

- Keep out of reach of young children

- In no event will the information and advice given, can not constitute a diagnosis, which necessarily requires an examination with his doctor. They do not substitute either for a consultation with one.


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