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This anti-stress formula gemmotherapy combines the effects of 3 buds, fig, lime and fir, to bring you a natural solution to combat stress and anxiety regulate daily

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    This anti-stress formula gemmotherapy combines the effects of 3 buds, fig, lime and fir, to bring you a natural solution to combat stress and anxiety regulate daily

    Description of bio gemmostress

    This anti-stress complex enjoys the broad spectrum of action that characterizes gemmotherapy and complementarity of a combination of different plant buds, each with specific properties. The effects of buds fig, fir and lime are combined in a single formula in the form of glycerine macerate. The primary objective of this complex is to combat daily stress, regulate emotions and soothe a too large or excessive calm anxiety.

    Application advice and opinions on bio gemmostress

    Here is the advice we give about the use of this glycerine macerate

    • Take 10 to 15 drops in a glass of water 15 minutes before a meal for 21 days.
    • A course of two months is recommended.
    • It is recommended to carry out a one week break every 3 weeks.
    • Not recommended for pregnant and / or breastfeeding.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    Composition of bio gemmostress

    • Ingredients: Glycerin macerated buds Bio fig, lime and fir
    • Part of the plant used: bud, young shoots and sometimes rootlets
    • 30 ml bottle Biogemm - Gemmothérapie Bio Ecocert certified and traceability
    • Harvest buds formed in the network of local collectors and country of origin
    • Preparation and packaging made in the laboratory in France Biogemm

    Precaution for use with bio gemmostress

    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
    • Is not a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle

    Introduction to Organic gemmostress

    The bud of the fig tree has an effect on our endocrine system. It has the particularity to appease the troubles related to procrastinate too much emotion. It will complement this first benefit of a useful and interesting helps to control and alleviate stomach problems related to anxiety.

    For its part, the lime has him more sedative and soothing globally. it is known to promote and find quality sleep, a serene and regular sleep. It is often recommended for people with too light sleep. It also facilitates sleep onset significantly in the medium term and allows better standardize and regulate our internal clock. Tree bud comes here mainly to ease and enhance the action of other plants.

    Our expert advice pharmacy gemmotherapy

    Laboratory gemmotherapy Biogemm offers a wide range of natural and effective products, herbal, designed to ensure the welfare of all ages.
    The range of laboratory French gemmotherapy concentrated Biogemm has over 60 natural extracts of buds including:

    • The macerated concentrated glycerine unit (or macerated mother) Biogemm that contain all the properties of a single bud;
    • Complex Biogemm, harmonious combinations of different macerated mother, responding to a health problem targeted.

    Products gemmotherapy gemmostress bio are prepared ONLY with fresh buds, from organic agriculture, stabilized directly on the site of harvest. They are concentrated (undiluted unlike products gemmotherapy laboratory Boiron) to preserve all the properties of the bio bud.

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