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Comment on DEPURASEVE BIO SEVE BIRCH Herbalgem, find the composition of birch sap DEPURASEVE in our online pharmacy used to revitalize your metabolism fighting fatigue

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Used for : thinning, depuratives regime, slimming diets, detoxifying diets, depuratives regime, slimming diets, detoxifying diets

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    Many people already know that birch sap, resin-coated tree in spring in the Belgian Ardennes, cleanses the body of harmful toxins and waste. The 'crossing' of the sap through the tree automatically involves the transportation of minerals, so that one can actually speak of a biological water '. The association with birch sap, birch extracts and blackcurrant buds amplifies and even strengthens the effect of purifying and draining birch sap.

    Description DEPURASEVE birch sap Herbalgem

    DEPURASEVE contains fresh birch sap laboratory HERBALGEM, unpasteurized, and extracts of birch buds and extracts of blackcurrant buds.

    The combination of birch sap with extracts of black currant and birch buds reinforces its purifying and detoxifying action.

    DEPURASEVE is a natural, non-sterile, unpasteurized, simply stabilized at harvest only by the addition of a little alcohol (this is what allows the keeping of course, otherwise it would add preservatives because sap ferments have stabilized).

    DEPURASEVE is a biological product (guaranteed by Ecocert control), which is harvested in the Belgian Ardennes forest far from sources of pollution.

    Using advice and opinion on birch sap Herbalgem DEPURASEVE

    Unless you have received different directions, 1 tablespoon morning in pure form or diluted in 1 liter of mineral water and drink throughout the day.
    When finished the first bottle, you take a break for a week, then you start the same way with the second vial.
    One vial represents a course of about three weeks.

    Shake well before each use.

    This enriched birch sap also improves the flexibility of your joints and exerts an action invigorating, refreshing and revitalizing your metabolism fighting fatigue.

    possible association with birch sap Herbalgem DEPURASEVE

    DEPURAGEM (detoxing complex) ARTIGEM (anti-OA complex) SINUGEM (complex to respiratory system), CHOLESTEGEM (anti-cholesterol complex) Immunogem (immune complex) VENAGEM (heavy legs complex).

    Composition of birch sap Herbalgem DEPURASEVE

    Birch sap fresh *, birch buds extract and blackcurrant, alcohol volume 12%.

    * From organic farming, control by Ecocert BE-1.

    * Unpasteurized not sterilized.

    Birch sap

    Harvested exclusively in spring birch sap cleanses the body of waste and toxins accumulated over time. By passing through the tree, the sap is energized and is responsible for minerals. It is a living biological water that will regenerate the body. It works for centuries as a cleanser for the various overloads the body and skin problems.

    birch bud

    It reinforces the drainage action and accelerates the elimination of organic waste.

    Blackcurrant bud

    It exerts a tonic very revitalizing and fight against fatigue. Currants relieves symptoms triggered by the presence of pollen in the air. In conjunction with the action of manganese in the sap, it soothes joint pain and improves flexibility of the body. The blackcurrant bud is not the major component of CELLUSEVE, it can be safely given to a person with hypertension.

    Use caution with birch sap Herbalgem DEPURASEVE

    Keep refrigerated after opening the bottle.
    Consume before the date mentioned on the bottle.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Do not exceed the recommended dose.
    Nutritional supplements can never replace a varied / balanced diet.

    Birch sap DEPURASEVE presentation

    250 ml bottle
    Organic Farming Label

    Our opinion of experts in pharmacy gemmotherapy

    Gemmotherapy Herbalgem laboratory offers a wide range of natural and effective products, herbal, designed to ensure the welfare of all ages.
    The concentrated range of gemmotherapy Herbalgem has more than 60 natural extracts of buds including:

    • The unit concentrates macerated glycerine (or macerates mother) Herbalgem that contain all the properties of a single bud;
    Herbalgem complexes, harmonious associations of various mother macerates that meet targeted health problem.

    Herbalgem gemmotherapy organic products are produced EXCLUSIVELY with fresh buds from organic agriculture, stabilized directly on the harvesting site. They are concentrated (undiluted unlike gemmotherapy products laboratory Boiron) to preserve all properties

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