Frontline Pet Care Spray Insecticide Habitat

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Frontline Pet Care Spray Insecticide Habitat sale in our bio pharmacy. Removes insects and mites in your home.

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    Frontline Pet Care Spray Insecticide Habitat

    This spray cleanses your home by eliminating insects, mites, fleas and flea larvae! It prevents reinfestation. His immediate action lasts up to 6 months. In addition to the deworming of your animals, this spray is very effective. Your pets and your children are protected and have a clean interior.

    Description Frontline Pet Care Spray Insecticide Habitat

    Spray home against mites and insects.

    Frontline Spray Insecticide Habitat kills adult fleas and ticks. It is the ideal solution to fight against massive infestations.

    This spray will help treat hard to reach areas with a fogger. Acts against the eggs, larvae and new chips for 6 months with permethrin and (S) -Methoprene. Do not apply directly to an animal.
    Removes insects and mites in your home.

    Directions for use of Frontline Pet Care Spray Insecticide Habitat

    Carefully aspirate the treatment area. Close windows and leave open the interior doors and closets. Take out the animals and cover aquariums. Protect food, worktops and sensitive areas. Shake the can. Always do a test on a small area. Spray 20cm from the surfaces to be treated by holding the spray vertically. Leave the room and close the door. Leave on for half an hour before airing. Can be used on carpets, rugs, flooring, chairs, baskets and niches. Emphasize areas at risk. If necessary repeat the operation.

    How the house she infested with fleas?

    Adult fleas live on your pet. They lay eggs that fall in the house wherever he goes. These eggs come larvae that move to shelter under the floorboards in sofas, rugs and carpets. They then spin a protective cocoon in which they can survive for months in your home or garden ...

    Between chips, your pet and your home, it is a real vicious cycle sets in.

    Thus, there is on your pet than 5% of existing fleas, while 95% are in your environment as eggs, larvae and cocoons: the habitat is a real chip tank!

    We therefore recommend the use of spray habitat Frontline petcare or FrontlinePetcare fogger for an infestation of fleas or ticks.

    Learn more about ticks and fleas

    The chips are the main ectoparasites encountered. Their presence may be manifested by low to intense itching, allergic dermatitis (hypersensitivity reaction to flea saliva), Dipylidium type of intestinal worm infestations, ...

    Ticks are ectoparasites very well known in some areas including hunting areas and woodlands. The main tick species are responsible for the transmission of babesiosis, borreliosis (Lyme disease) as well as ehrlichiosis. In addition, Lyme disease is a zoonosis, that is to say that man may also contract the disease.

    Habitat composition of Frontline Spray Insecticide

    Permethrin (CAS: 52645-53-1): 1.06g / L, S-methoprene (CAS: 65733-16-6): 0.013 g / L, excipient qs

    Precaution of use

    This product may cause allergic reactions. May cause long-term adverse effects, toxic to aquatic organisms. May burst when heated. Do not pierce or burn after use. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep product in the heat. Avoid release to the environment. biocide Classification: TP18 insecticide.

    Presentation of   PetCare Frontline Spray Insecticide Habitat

    spray 250ml

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