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Biocanina Eco-Spray 300 ml house for sale in our pharmacy organic insecticide is for premises, furniture and equipment in contact with the animals.

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    Biocanina ECO-LOGIS SPRAY 300ML


    Description Biocanina Eco-home Spray 300 ml


    Biocanina Eco-home Spray 300 ml deodorant is an insecticide that ensures the destruction of insects, mites and spiders in the house. It is used on objects and surfaces:

    - That cause repeated applications (cushions, kennels, baskets, flooring, etc.).
    - Who can not be treated with Eco-house Fogger.
    - Which is located outside.


    Biocanina Eco-home Spray 300 ml has a powerful and prolonged action against insects (fleas, lice, bedbugs), mites (ticks, chiggers, scabies agents) and spiders. Permethrin contained in the spray quickly kills adult parasites. Methoprene prevents the development and metamorphosis of larvae and female fecundity. It exerts its immediate action and delayed on control of pest populations. Safe for mammals and warm-blooded animals under normal conditions of use.
    Harmful to fish and reptiles.


    Council Biocanina use of Eco-home Spray 300 ml


    - Spray all surfaces to be treated, at a distance of 40 cm, for short periods of time pressures. The applications can be repeated at intervals of 8 days to 6 months.
    - Do not use on men and animals.
    - Eco-Biocanina home Spray 300 ml does not stain, does not grease, does not damage the fabrics, linings, carpets.


    Composition Biocanina Eco-home Spray 300 ml


    Permethrin: 1.00 g / l
    (S) - Methoprene: 0.0125 g / l


    Precaution of use


    - Contains permethrin. May cause allergic reaction.
    - Do not breathe spray.
    - Avoid release to the environment. Keep away from any flame or source of spark or ignition.
    - Keep out of reach of children.


    Introducing Eco-Biocanina home Spray 300 ml


    Aerosol of 300 ml.

    Find all veterinary products Biocanina mark on your care and Nature bio pharmacy online to treat your dog, your cat.

    What parasites does FRONTLINE® Spray work against?

    FRONTLINE Spray can fight against parasites of dogs and cats . It is effective against:

    • Fleas : FRONTLINE Spray kills adult fleas within 24 hours of arriving on your pet.
    • Ticks : FRONTLINE Spray eliminates more than 90% of ticks within 48 hours of arrival on the animal, to limit the risk of disease transmission. This risk is maximum 48 hours after setting the tick on the animal.
    • Lice of dogs and cats : FRONTLINE Spray kills lice on the animal in 48 hours maximum.

    FRONTLINE® Spray is a veterinary medicine for dogs and cats. Read carefully the instructions before use. Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice.

    Indications for use in dogs :

    • Fipronil-susceptible parasites in dogs under 5 kg.
    • Prevention and treatment of infestations by fleas and ticks.
    • Elimination of grinding lice.

    The duration of effectiveness against new flea infestations ranges from 60 to 90 days for treatment on a dog. The duration effectiveness against new tick infestations is about 30 days.

    Indications for use of frontline spray in cats :

    • Fipronil-sensitive parasites in cats less than 5 kg.
    • Prevention and treatment of infestations by fleas and ticks.
    • Elimination of grinding lice.

    The duration of effectiveness against new infestations by fleas is about 40 days in cats. The duration of efficacy against new tick infestations is 2 weeks. The drug can be integrated into a therapeutic program of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (DAPP).

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