FRONTLINE TRI-ACT XS 6 Pipettes spot-on for dogs 5-10 kg: Frontline Act Tri-S 5-10 kg Dogs Spot-on solution is a 3 in 1 pest repellent, treats and prevents a single gesture ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and sandflies (leishmaniasis). Frontline Tri-Act is effective for 4 weeks

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    From the end of spring to the end of autumn, dogs and cats can be victims of fleas and ticks. These external parasites, if they occur mainly during this period, may be present all year round.

    The high efficiency and broad spectrum of Frontline Tri-Act Dogs S 5-10kg is due to the unique combination of 2 molecules: Fipronyl eliminates fleas, ticks and lice grinders on your animal and protects it from reinfestations (2 month for fleas, 1 month for ticks). Permethrin is one of the most effective pyrethroids against ticks, mosquitoes and sandflies that cause leishmaniasis. This pest control is also very safe and safe. And your dog stays protected even when his hair is wet (after a bath or shampoo).

    Description of Frontline Tri-Act S Dogs 6 Flea pipettes 5 to 10 Kg

    The Merial Labs Spot On Frontline Tri-Act Chiens S 5-10kg is a veterinary 3-in-1 veterinary pest control solution designed to repel, treat and prevent tick, flea, mosquito or tick infestations in one single action. sandflies (responsible for leishmaniasis) in dogs weighing 5 to 10 kg . This new generation pest control not only kills parasites, but also repels them, thus avoiding the risk of contact between the parasite and your dog. This repellent action helps to limit the risk of disease transmission to your pet. Your dog is really protected.

    Using advice and opinion on Frontline Tri Act S Spot On Dogs 5 to 10 kg 6 merial pipettes

    Use Frontline Tri-Act Dogs S 5-10kg with a pipette, once a month, directly applied to the skin of your pet. Gently cut the tip of the pipette with a pair of scissors and empty it completely directly between the 2 shoulder blades.

    Do not administer to cats. In the absence of available data, do not treat puppies younger than 7 weeks old. Wash your hands after every use. Usable in bitches waiting for babies or nursing.

    How does the house get infested with fleas?

    Adult fleas live on your pet. They lay eggs that fall into the house wherever they go. From these eggs come larvae that move to shelter under the floorboards, in sofas, carpets and carpets. They then weave a protective cocoon in which they can survive for several months in your home or garden ...

    Between fleas, your pet and your home, it's a real hellish cycle that sets in.

    Thus, there is only 5% of the existing fleas on your animal, whereas 95% are in your environment in the form of eggs, larvae and cocoons: the habitat is a real reservoir of fleas!

    We therefore recommend the use of the Frontline petcare habitat spray or the FrontlinePetcare fogger in case of infestation of fleas or ticks.

    Composition of Frontline Tri Act S Dogs

    Fipronil, Permethrin, Excipient QSP 1 pipette.

    Introducing Frontline Tri Act S Dogs Flea pipettes at the best price

    Box of 6 pipettes at the best price

    For propriétiaires looking for a comprehensive solution for their dog.
    Pipettes Frontline Tri-Act have an action 3 in 1 with the combination of two molecules (Fipronil and permethrin): they treat and prevent in a single gesture infestation fleas and ticks, and have a repellent action against mosquitoes, sand flies (vectors of leishmaniasis) and biting flies.

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