Dermalex Intense Emollient Cream 200g



Dermalex Intense Emollient Cream strengthens and protects dry skin.

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    • Strengthen and protect dry skin.
    • Soothes and nourishes irritated skin with an atopic tendency
    • Soothes the Itch
    • Cleanse in Sweetness
    • Nourishing Care

    Description of Dermalex Intense 200g Emollient Cream  

    Dermalex Intense 200g Emollient Cream Repairs the skin by reconstituting the protective film of the epidermis, moisturizes and soothes instantly and for a long time all irritations and allergies such as atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis thanks to its highly concentrated emollient assets. Its rich, non-greasy texture quickly penetrates the application to leave the skin comfortable and soft from the application.

    Dermalex Emollient Intense + strengthens the skin barrier to delay relapses by 50% in patients with atopic dermatitis through daily application.

    This rich, non-greasy cream provides protection against irritations and allergies by strengthening the skin barrier, leaving skin soft and feeling comfortable.

    using advice

    • Dermalex Emollient Intense Cream + Skin Barrier Repairer has been specially designed as a daily ineffective treatment for periods without symptoms, when the skin is not inflamed.
    • Apply the cream two or three times a day, as necessary.
    • Renew the application after washing the area to be treated.


    Formula INCI: purified water, caprylic / capric triglyceride, hydrogenated canola oil, propylene glycol, urea, cetostearyl alcohol, dimethicone, paraffin, sodium lactate, polysorbate 60, carbomer, glycerol polymetacrylate, glyceryl stearate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, Lactic acid.

    Contains no corticosteroids (cortisone), tar (or other derivatives)
    Contains no analogues of vitamin D3, vitamin A derivatives, sulfur, dyes, pigments or perfume.


    Tube of 200g.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    DERMALEX products are composed of treatments designed to treat and relieve dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

    To be hydrated the skin needs a balanced mix of:
    - sugar or salt derivatives (so-called natural moisturizing factors, which are substances, such as hyaluronic acid , that are able to retain water (up to 1000 times their weight in water) And to capture the surrounding water)
    - of course water, which comes mainly from the sweat, but also from the ambient air.
    Of lipids , which prevent the water from evaporating, both by coating the natural moisturizing factors, and by forming a film on the surface of the skin (the famous hydrolipidic film, which is (mmmh) of the sebum Emulsified with sweat).

    A moisturizer should ideally bring all these elements, and properly vectorized so that they can penetrate the skin. An emollient cream mainly brings lipids, which literally "soften" the stratum corneum (the layer of dead cells that covers the skin, which, if it is dry, "pull", desquamation ...), to make it more flexible and More comfortable.
    The emollient cream can also have a moisturizing effect, since dry skin , for example, is dry due to a deficiency in lipids, which are insufficient to prevent the water from evaporating. An emollient cream helps to restore balance while providing immediate comfort.


    Developed by dermatologists, the Dermalex product line treats skin with eczema and psoriasis. Dermalex Psoriasis also prevents the proliferation of keratinocytes by strengthening the skin barrier. The itching disappears and the skin regains its protective shield against external aggressions.

    Dermalex treatments are clinically proven. They protect the skin and prevent possible further flare-ups. Soft and suitable for fragile skin, products are designed without steroids, emollients, corticoids, perfumes and parabens. Given to infants and children, they are also suitable for adults.

    Care of fragile skins

    Having sensitive skin can quickly turn to carnage. Sensitive skin has a deficient skin barrier and is much more porous than normal. She blushes for nothing, she pecks , she pulls ... in short, your skin is hyper sensitive, and you end up not supporting anything.
    Sensitive or reactive skin needs special care . It is necessary to clean them gently and to bring them a hydration that allows them to be soothed and repaired .

    To keep your skin beautiful, you have to take care of it . Find the best products sold in pharmacies to treat your fragile or damaged skin.

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