10 dressings Urgo Protector Horns for sale in our pharmacy bio, relieves pain due to the pressure of the shoe and protects the horn painful friction with its protective foam disc.

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    A callus (or horn) is a thickening of the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis. In most cases, the callus is located at the level of the sole of the foot, sometimes at the level of the palm of the hand. Benign affection, the horn to the foot (or callus foot) can nevertheless cause a real discomfort to the march and sometimes even to infect and require a surgical intervention.

    Description of Urgo Protector Horn 10 Dressings

    Urgo Protector Cors 10 Dressings is an adhesive bandage equipped with a protective disk to locally protect the installed calluses such as horns, partridge eyes and calluses. Its protective disk protects the callus and avoids pressure. Its adhesive backing holds the dressing in place.

    Directions for use of Urgo Protector Horn 10 Dressings

    • After a hot foot bath, carefully dry the feet.
    • Place the Urgo Protector Dressing over the horn.
    • Renew regularly.

    What are the causes of the appearance of bones and calluses?

    The main cause of corns and calluses is due to repeated rubbing of the skin on the shoe but deformations of the foot can also cause the appearance of corns. Indeed, an unbalanced foot or forefoot causes angular friction that promote the horn .

    The friction and / or the excessive pressure on the bones of the foot produce a thickening of the horn of the feet by stimulating the manufacture of the main protein of the epidermis which is keratin .

    In addition to the pain and thickening of the skin that corns and calluses cause, they can also cause a claudication, a postponement of charge responsible for disorders of the bones and joints, suppuration related to the infection of the serous bursal located under the horn or under the rubbing zone .

    Composition of Urgo Protector Horn 10 Bandages

    Adhesive Holder, Foam, Hydrocolloid.

    Presentation of Urgo Protector Horn 10 Bandages

    Box of 10 dressings of 2 x 7 cm.

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