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Total Biocatonic Vitaminol 30 ml bottle sold in our pharmacy bio, This dietary supplement as drops diluted in food or animal drink is Enriche vitamins.

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    The oral solution BIOCANITOL (Yotam) Total Vitaminol Biocanina of laboratories is a vitamin complex for veterinary use which can be used in dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, bees (hives) and birds. It comes in the form of oral drops, solution very easy to administer. It can be mixed with food or drink.

    With its combination of vitamins (A, D3, E, B1 and B6), Biocanina BIOCANITOL (Yotam) Total Vitaminol contributes to the good condition of the animal. It is particularly recommended in growth, gestation, laying in poultry and farrowing in rabbits. It is also recommended for convalescent animals in times of growth, for the older pet or simply complement the usual ration.

    Description Total Biocatonic Vitaminol 30 ml bottle

    BIOCANITOL (Yotam) Total Vitaminol 30 ml bottle is a dietary supplement that stimulates the functioning of the body of pets (dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs).

    Vitamin A promotes growth, maintenance of the skin surface, the view ...
    Vitamin D is selected to promote good bone development.
    B vitamins provide multiple functions involved in proper maintenance of the body, the coat or plumage.

    Directions for use of Biocatonic Total Vitaminol 30 ml bottle

    Insert Biocatonic Total Vitaminol 30 ml bottle in the diet or drinking.

    For normal doses: give daily for 1 month.
    - Puppies and kittens: 1 drop per kg per day.
    - Cats and small dogs: 10 drops per day.
    - Medium dogs: 30 drops per day.
    - Large dogs: 60 drops per day.
    - Guinea pigs and hamsters: 1-5 drops per day.
    - Birds: 2 drops / day for a canary, 10 drops / day for a pheasant.

    To the shock doses: double or triple the daily doses for 2 to 5 days.

    Composition of Total Biocatonic Vitaminol 30 ml bottle

    vitamin additives
    Vitamin A: 500 000 IU
    Vitamin D3: 50 000 IU
    Vitamin E: 0.10 g
    Vitamin B1: 0.10 g
    Vitamin B2: 0.05 g
    D-panthenol: 0.20 g
    Vitamin B6: 0.04 g
    Vitamin C: 2.50 g
    Vitamin PP: 0.40 g
    Excipient: 100 ml.

    Vitamin A plays a role in the growth, maintenance of skin covering, view, vitamin D is helpful to good ossification and B vitamins perform many functions that allow proper maintenance of the body, the coat or plumage.

    Introducing Biocatonic Total Vitaminol 30 ml bottle

    30 ml bottle.

    Use in bees

    This excerpt from the article by Ludovic Labeste is for anyone who wants to save the bee, so it keeps the strength to survive the pesticides that weaken it and make it more sensibls disease. I realized two major studies, including one on four years and another 2 years with very good results. I do this not for the money but spread to safeguard the bee that is imperative if the man will suffer if this species disappears.

    "I encourage all the spring swarms my syrup at 50% and I conducted a study with two hives fed with vitamin syrup versus hive fed solely syrup. The feeding lasted from late March to 20 April 2008 and the results are significant and surprising:

    the first two hives fed solely syrup produced a total of 23 kilos and 25 kilos of honey this year posed increases from
    April 25, 2008, with queens 1 year.

    the other two hives fed with vitamin syrup produced a total of 74 kilos for the first and 86 kilos for the second hive, with
    Queens of the same age, never seen! Crops have started from May 15 until August 1.

    I also tested this technique on both of my hives with the queen was replaced, one in April 2007, born in late April and the other born in late May 2007. The results were positive: the first was 19 kg honey in July and the second 8kg. These hives were fed the vitamin syrup from late March until late May.

    As for vitamins, choose preservative-free brand Biocatonic (Yotami) Total Vitaminol, Biocanina, veterinary use.

    The dosage is one drop of vitamins by Yotami syrup pot to 50% of 0,750 ml once per week. The autumn nourishment from late August until September 29 was carried out in this way also.

    Both performance hives have received a total of 35 liters of syrup to 50% of linden honey and flowers without using any sugar given the strong harvest

    Vitamins prolong the survival of at least 50% of the normal bee survival time, allowing them to participate in a new honey, such as those who rape will then make the acacia without problems and then linden, to see all summer flowers for the most resistant.

    Of the two hives fed with vitamin syrup, before last harvest was the best: 25 kilos to 30 kilos and the first to the second to 9 July, and have received 3 stacked increases (the 1st was asked about April 25 the second a week later and the 3rd to May 15). It was only from 15 July that I left one up until August 1 with another 7 kilos of sunflower in each rise in the last harvest, and sunflower honey lasted until 10 August.

    Vitamins are beings kept refrigerated and away from light. Very important because it extends their shelf life, vitamins are very stable in cold and darkness. If the syrup is made in advance with vitamins, then the set will also go to the fridge if it is not given away all the bees. "

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