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Gallia : laits maternisés pour bébéGallia : laits maternisés pour bébé

Gallia SHARP 1ST CEREAL GLUTEN 200G: Gallia SHARP are flakes to taste instant nature and gluten-free cereals. This product is especially recommended when the baby food diversification.

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Used for : Milk Gluten gallia

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    Description of Gallia SHARP CEREALS 1ST GLUTEN 200G


    Gallia with SHARP, baby takes its first steps towards diversification alimentaire.Ces Instanes cereal flakes were prepared by Gallia to help you in the beginning of the food diversification of your baby. These gluten-free cereal can be given from 4 to 6 months. A rice flour, corn starch and tapioca are grains SHARP adapted to brittle digestion baby. The natural taste of these cereals without added sugars, allowing the baby to discover a new smooth texture and a new taste. Recommended use Gallia SHARP Add bottle of warm milk flour recommended dose. Do not sweeten. Stir to mix the contents of the bottle. Not suitable for infants under 4 months. Cereals SHARP contain traces of milk.

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    Add warm milk bottle the recommended dose of flour. Do not sweeten. Stir to mix the contents of the bottle.

    Not suitable for infants under 4 months. Cereals SHARP contain traces of milk.


    Composition Gallia SHARP CEREALS 1ST GLUTEN 200G


    Ingredients Cereals Gallia SHARP: Rice flour 31.4%, starch maïs31.2%, 29.3% tapioca, maltodextrin, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vitamins: E, C, B1, PP, B6, folic acid, biotin and B5. Traces of milk.


    Introducing Gallia SHARP CEREALS 1ST GLUTEN 200G


    200g box


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    A child is never left to die of hunger! However he understands that he can put you in a state of stress simply by not finishing his bottle or not wanting to eat. Designed for 0-6 months, milk Prime age, their low protein, strongly resemble breast milk. Then come the second milks age 6 -12 months also called "follow-on milk." They adapt to the needs of the child pysiologiques. From 3 years, you can give milk growth. It is important to go through these milks because giving cow's milk too soon your child may trigger vitamin deficiency or iron. All brands will offer special milks such as: - hyoallergéniques: if there is a history of allergies (eczema, asthma, ..), - digest or comfort: for babies "greedy", these milks are fortified with starch potato or maize. Careful they can cause constipation babies - anti-regurgitation: carob-enriched milk is thickened to prevent gastric reflux - the acidified milk: rich in lactic they promote digestion and prevent bloating and colic. From 6 months, you can, with the consent of your doctor, start introducing pureed foods: meat, vegetables, fruits. With the appearance of teeth around 8-9 months, purees will be coarser and crouton bread will be welcome. To finally get to 12 months with a balanced diet that we will add dairy products (yogurt, milk, cheese)

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