ANTI-Novalac REGURGITATION DIGEST 1ERAGE 800G is an infant milk formula which contains a complex of starch and fibers to limit specific regurgitation infant and preserve its transit. It is balanced according to the recommendations of the committees of Pediatrics.

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    Description novalac anti-regurgitation digest 1erage 800g


    Novalac AR Digest is a dietary food for special medical purposes adapted to cases of significant regurgitation in infants and toddlers.

    Digest Novalac AR contains a single double-complex thickener that combines starch qualities and properties of natural fiber.

    While limiting regurgitation in infants and children, Novalac AR Digest has a specific nutrient composition that helps to facilitate the digestion of your baby.

    This infant formula has demonstrated its effectiveness (1) in the treatment of regurgitation in infants.

    So your baby enjoys optimal infant nutrition, always follow the dietary recommendations of a healthcare professional.


    The Novalac AR digest is indicated in babies with significant regurgitation (1-2 hours after eating, and almost the entire bottle). It peude 0-12 months.


    Application advice and opinion on anti-regurgitation novalac digest 1eage 800g


    Dilute Novalac AR Digest with low mineral water (1 scoop for 30 ml). Its thickened formula may need the use of a suitable nipple.

    Use Milk Novalac ARDigest on medical advice. For a toddler, choose breast milk whenever possible. Do not add sugar. Use within 3 weeks after opening.


    Composition novalac anti-regurgitation digest 1erage 800g


    Average analysis per 100 ml: energy 63.1 kcal. Protein hydrolyzate which 1.5 g of soluble proteins of milk, 3.3 g lipids 0.6 g including linoleic acid, linolenic acid 49.8 mg, 6.9 g carbohydrates including lactose 42%, starch 4% to 49% maltodextrins , 5% dextrose, 0.4 g dietary fiber, minerals salts Fe 0.8 mg, 59.8 mg Ca, Mg and P 44.2 mg 5.9 mg, 1 mcg vitamin D3, qs 100%.


    Introducing novalac anti-regurgitation digest 1erage 800g


    Metal box of 800 g with a pod.


    Our expert advice pharmacy


    Carob present in Novalac AR Digest est une fibre naturelle qui confère à cette formule des propriétés très épaississantes et d'activation du transit in most infants. At the beginning of its use, it is normal for your child to have even liquid, more frequent, and / or yellowish stools softer, linked to the unique composition of this formula. Do not worry ; ce petit désagrément tend à disparaître au-delà d'une semaine à 10 jours d'utilisation . Cette durée correspond time adaptation of the digestive system of your baby carob. In all cases and to the extent possible, it is strongly recommended to make a gradual transition to move from an old to a new formula milk for your baby.

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