BEBISOL SHELLS MILK-BREAST Breastfeeding - protection of nipples




The SHELL-MILK COLLECTION Laboratories Bébisol, facilitate the flow and recovery of milk between feedings and promote healing of damaged and cracked nipples.

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    BEBISOL SHELLS MILK-BREAST Breastfeeding - protection of nipples

    Cotton nursing pads are sometimes insufficient in the face of milk congestion in some breasts and require frequent replacement. The Shells intended to collect these overflows of milk, bring you a great comfort, by their capacity of recovery, but also on the pacification of the nipples altered by the breast-feeding, by putting them in the shelter of the humidity.

    COQUILLES COLLECTION-MILK BÉBISOL Laboratories, facilitate the flow and recovery of milk between two feedings and promote healing damaged nipples and chapped.

    These shells allow you to safely retrieve the milk that flows between two feedings, to limit the engorgement of your breasts and ensure the protection and healing of your nipples.

    using advice

    Wash your nipples thoroughly with overgrown soap and mineral water and dry thoroughly.
    Slide the shell, perfectly closed, into your bra, the orifice of the shell on the nipple and the pouring spout upwards.

    Precaution of use

    The milk accumulated throughout the day must be thrown away if it is not recovered in time.


    Box of 2 Shells Recueil Breast milk

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    The Recueil-Lait Shells are equipped with:

    • Hollow shell. Made of soft plastic, smooth and transparent, this part allows to recover a large quantity of milk while ensuring your comfort all day long and between two feedings.
    • A curved hull with a location for the nipple. This shell, has a curved shape that fits perfectly to your breast, the nipple placed in the hole, facilitates the flow of milk in the hollow and puts your breast end away from moisture, favoring thus healing in case of cracking or painful cracks.
    • A spout. The recovered milk can be given to the baby within thirty minutes of its collection, or kept in the refrigerator in a sterile container, always within thirty minutes.

    When you start breastfeeding, keep in mind a word: giving milk to your baby should not hurt! Certainly, breastfeeding can cause slight pain and discomfort in the first and second seconds of the first feeding. Nevertheless, if your pain persists after two or three days of breastfeeding and one minute after the beginning of the feeding, it is not normal. It may be the appearance of the crevasse. In this case, it is important to treat it and prevent it from reappearing with the application of a suitable ointment.

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