Deruba Special Anti-Redness Cream SPF50 + ACL 6013719

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Deruba Special Anti-Redness Cream SPF50 + 30 ml ACL 6013719 ACL13 4260413652005

Deruba is a special cream that fights lasting the skin redness (rosacea), available in pharmacies for the best price

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Used for : rosacea, Anti-Redness

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    Deruba Special Anti-Redness Cream SPF50 + 30 ml

    Deruba is a special cream developed by experts in dermo-cosmetics specifically to fight against the cutaneous rash (eg rosacea). With its triple effect, Deruba instantly mask the redness, reduces lasting and prevents the formation of new redness: immediate effect, lasting effect and protective effect. All beauty forum speak!


    Deruba fight against skin redness with a unique triple effect:

    • immediate effect immediately disappear skin redness due to microencapsulated pigments
    • lasting effect, existing skin redness are reduced over the long term
    • protective effect, can prevent the appearance of new skin redness with a combination of UV filters with SPF 50

    Directions for use of the Special Deruba Cream Anti-Redness

    Apply special cream every morning on cleansed skin of the face and spread evenly. If necessary, the cream can also be used on the neck and décolleté.


    It is possible to durably reduce skin redness, thanks to the special cream Deruba. It indeed contains a specific formula with α-bisabolol, an active ingredient having a soothing effect on the skin and the property - proven - to alleviate skin redness (lasting effect).

    Using the precautionary Deruba Cream Special Anti-Redness

    We recommend using the cream for a minimum of 8 weeks.


    Cream Deruba Special Anti-Redness SPF50 + is available in 30 ml bottle

    ACL 6013719 ACL13 free 4260413652005. Price

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    How skin redness appear?

    The redness of the face are caused by increased irrigation of vessels in the area of the cheeks and nose under the skin dilate the vessels become permeable and reflected through the skin giving a red color. This phenomenon increases with age because the skin becomes thinner. Besides the natural aging of skin, among other factors contribute to the appearance of skin redness: weak connective tissue, inadequate care of the skin, poor diet, stress, alcohol and harmful UV radiation in summer and winter.

    What can I do to prevent the formation of new skin redness?

    The combination of UV filter in a protective function has been specifically designed for this purpose for the special cream Deruba. It effectively blocks most of the UVB and UVA rays. It protects sensitive skin optimally and reduces the appearance of new skin redness (protective effect). To learn more about the triple effect of Deruba.

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