Vismed Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml

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Vismed Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml bio sale in our pharmacy: solution for eye droughts.

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    Vismed Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml

    Description Vismed Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml

    Vismed Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml is a solution for eye droughts. With the new dosing system, it is very economical, very easy to use and its use is longer (up to 3 months after).

    Sodium hyaluronate (natural polymer present in the eye) which composes allows intensely hydrate the surface of the eye and forms a protective film that can naturally remove lids by beats.

    Immediately eye has more dryness sensation, burning or foreign object, the view is better and finds great comfort for long.

    Vismed Multi Eye Lubricant can be used on all types of lenses (it is advisable to remove them before)

    Vismed using Multi Council Lubricant Eye 10ml

    Do not administer Vismed Multi Lens Solution along with drugs or other ophthalmic products because it may modify their effects.

    Remove the cap and invert.

    Put the vial between thumb and forefinger and make the drop path is perpendicular to the thumb.

    For the first use of Multi Vismed, to 10 pressures on the bottle. The drop out at the 11th pressure, the bottle is ready for use.

    Tilt the head back (about 45 °).

    Gently down the lower eyelid with the free hand.

    Place the thumb holding the vial on the fingers that hold the eyelid.

    Insert a drop in the eye by pressing the vertical vial.

    Vismed composition Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml  

    Without Conservative agent.

    1ml of solution contains 1.8mg of sodium hyaluronate and as chloride, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, as well as disodium hydrogenphosphate, sodium citrate and water for preparation injestable. The solution is hypotonic

    Vismed Introducing Multi Lubricant Eye 10ml

    Multidose vial 10ml.

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