Viburnum sapling glycerine macerate BIO 30ml HERBALGEM

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Viburnum sapling glycerine macerate HERBALGEM BIO 30ml. Review and find the composition of viburnum sapling glycerine macerate BIO 30ml HERBALGEM in our organic online pharmacy used to creasing of the airways. It is an aid during allergic reactions. Sedative respiratory system.

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Viburnum sapling glycerine macerate BIO 30ml HERBALGEM

Description viburnum sapling glycerine macerate BIO 30ml HERBALGEM

Viburnum is mostly considered a lung draining. As such, it is used in allergic manifestations with asthmatic dyspnea, in asthma (especially infant), asthma superinfected on allergic ground, non allergic dyspnea.
Viorne Organic Herbalgem exerts sedative on the autonomic nervous system and lung, therefore, it is recommended in dyspnéisantes bronchitis, chronic anergy. It inhibits bronchiolar spasm. This is a great remedy of chronic spasmodic rhinitis.

Using advice and opinion

The laboratory Herbalgem recommends taking Viorne bio Herbalgem without food.
For best results, take the drops directly on the tongue and keep the macerate a few seconds in the mouth before swallowing. One can also dilute the drops in a little honey or a little water. We recommend to comply with the advice of a doctor or a therapist.
Take 5 drops 3 times a day, pure or diluted in source water, without food.

Viburnum composition sapling glycerine macerate BIO 30ml HERBALGEM

Viburnum buds *, * alcohol (35% vol.), Water, vegetable glycerin.
* Produced from organic farming

Precaution of use

- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
- Use as part of a healthy lifestyle and do not use as substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Consume preferably before the date printed on the box.
- Store in a cool, dry endroi protected from light.

Introducing viburnum sapling glycerine macerate BIO 30ml HERBALGEM

30 ml bottle.

Our expert advice in pharmacy


Gemmotherapy Herbalgem laboratory offers a wide range of natural and effective products, herbal, designed to ensure the welfare of all ages.
The concentrated range of gemmotherapy Herbalgem present more than 60 buds extracts including:

• The unit concentrates macerated glycerine (or macerates mother) Herbalgem that contain all the properties of a single bud;
Herbalgem complexes, harmonious associations of various mother macerates that meet targeted health problem.

gemmotherapy Herbalgem products are prepared with fresh buds ONLY, from organic agriculture, stabilized directly on the harvesting site. They are concentrated (undiluted as gemmotherapy products laboratory Boiron) to preserve all the properties of the bud.

Gemmotherapy Herbalgem laboratory also produces a range of herbal medicine: syrups, salves and tinctures parent.

What gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is effective for the welfare of all regardless of age. Gemmotherapy is a field of phytotherapy that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs to create natural remedies.

Harvested in the spring, a key moment in their natural development cycle, buds and young shoots are prepared fresh in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin.

Composed of embryonic tissues in full development, buds and young shoots of medicinal plants used in gemmotherapy, contain the power of the future plant.

They are a concentrate of energy and vitality and contain vitamins, trace elements and minerals as well as other active ingredients, ABSCENTS in the adult plant.

Buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other fabrics. This explains the effectiveness and the wide range of applications concentrated macerates mother or macerated glycerine.

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Herbalgem bud extracts: Gemmotherapy is a new form of herbal extracts. It uses the energy of buds and young shoots to create very effective remedies. We offer a range of over 60 unitary macerates as well as 20 complexes; all have been carefully designed to bring you all the properties and energy of the plant in a concentrated form ( our range). We are also specialized in the development and contract extraction of herbal products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic ( Control & Quality ) industries .

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