Puressentiel Hypertonic nasal spray with essential oils 15 ml / 30 ml

Puressentiel RespiratoirePuressentiel Respiratoire

The NASAL SPRAY from the Respiratory range, from Laboratoires Puressentiel cleanses and purifies the nasal passages while relieving obstructed airways.

Available in 15 ml and 30 ml spray.

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    Puressentiel Hypertonic nasal spray with essential oils 15 ml / 30 ml

    The Puressentiel Laboratories offer you the NASAL SPRAY 100% of natural origin with soothing and expectorant active ingredients whose formula allows:

    • to reduce throat irritation,
    • clear the airways,
    • to preserve our natural defenses.

    Properties of Puressentiel NASAL SPRAY

    When to use Puressentiel NASAL SPRAY?

    Nasal decongestant for colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasopharyngitis, during periods of winter ENT * conditions and allergies.

    Puressentiel NASAL SPRAY contains:

    • Essential Oils EOBBD "Essential Oil Botanically and biochemically defined" such as ravintsara, geranium, eucalyptus radiata, niaouli. This label guarantees the exact botanical species, the producer organ and the biochemical specificity which depends on the place and time of harvest.
    • Hive Extracts: Propolis activates the synthesis of antibodies and strengthens the body's immune system . Propolis softens and protects sensitive mucous membranes exposed to attacks such as cold or overworked vocal cords.
    • Plant Extract: Echinacea is known for its stimulating effect on the immune system and its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Organic Rosemary Floral Water.
    • Sea water

    Puressentiel NASAL SPRAY results

    The NASAL Puressentiel SPRAY cleans and sanitizes the nasal passages. Your stuffy nose is clear.

    Tips for using Puressentiel NASAL SPRAY

    Spray 2 to 3 times by application to the back of the throat. To renew 3 to 6 times a day.
    For children> 7 years old, spray once in the back of the throat, repeat 3 to 6 times a day.


    Hypertonic seawater, organic rosemary floral water, ravintsara essential oil, geranium essential oil, eucalyptus radiata essential oil, niaouli essential oil, propolis extract, echinacea extract, limonene, citronellol, geraniol, linalool, citral

    Our advice and Expert opinions

    During the winter period, to fight against viruses and bacteria, we recommend taking a teaspoon of Thyme Bio honey, natural antibacterial, every morning .

    Puressentiel Respiratory to purify the air and eliminate bacteria

    The natural answer to facilitate the well-being and to fight against the inconveniences of the winter, the seasonal sensitivities.

    The clever gestures for a serene winter!

    - Gesture N ° 1: clear the nose

    Easy with the Puressentiel Respiratory Hypertonic Nasal Spray formula that cleans, moisturizes and opens the nose in minutes!

    - Gesture N ° 2: from the first cold ... move to friction!

    Ideal to bring comfort and promote well-being, the Puressentiel Respective Friction RESP OK ® 100% of natural origin is to be adopted from the first cold. And for toddlers (from 6 months), the baby pectoral massage balm is a gentle caress to provide a warming and soothing massage on the skin.

    Essential oils against colds and rhinitis of winter

    Essential oils against colds. Discover our new range of essential oils to effectively treat colds.

    And here it is hot during the day, it is cold in the morning and in the evening ... We really do not know how to dress! Results: the throat stings, the nose begins to flow, and we are cold. Our selection of essential oils to stop the cold as quickly as possible. Sneezing, runny nose, tingling throat, headaches ... Colds are benign, but sometimes debilitating, viral infections that can be easily caught in winter, when the days when the thermometer temperatures that are cold in the back. Essential oils, rich in active principles feature multiple therapeutic properties. Some are antiviral or bactericidal, others expectorant or mucolytic. And because the best thing is to avoid getting a cold rather than cure it, we also remind you of some good practices to follow, to spend a winter in peace and enjoy the joys of the snowy season.

    For more information on how to treat colds with essential oils , do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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