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Phytostandard Desmodium Phytoprevent Pileje, following extracts desmodium, participates in hepatic comfort.
Contributes to the functioning digestive

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Phytostandard Desmodium Phytoprevent Pileje, following extracts desmodium, participates in hepatic comfort.
The phytostandards Phytoprevent are dietary supplements from a range of standardized herbal extracts, freeze-dried, certified organic.

Desmodium (Desmodium adscendens) used by Phytoprevent is grown in organic agriculture, respecting the environment.

The leaves of Desmodium are frozen after harvest so that the assets are safeguarded. Then involved crushing and extraction of assets by Phytostandard ® patented process, known for its respect for the integrity of assets and useful principles of the plant. The plant extract is then obtained without alcohol.

It is then freeze-dried, that is to say cold-dried, to be in vegetable capsule.

Properties EPS Phytostandard Desmodium

- Good liver function
- Anti-allergic

Use of EPS Phytostandard Desmodium advice

1-2 capsules per day. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and children under 12 years.

Precautions EPS Phytostandard Desmodium

This dietary supplement can not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.
A best before end and batch number mentioned on the underside of the case.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Composition of the EPS Phytostandard Desmodium

Fiber organic acacia extract of Desmodium Desmodium adscendens (leaves) organic (support: fi bre organic acacia), vegetable capsule, anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, organic rapeseed oil

Family Fabaceae or Papilionaceae

Origin: tropical and equatorial regions of Africa.

The origin of Desmodium adscendens desmos comes from Greek and means "connection" or "bundle", and refers to the stamens that meet at their ends and tube adscendens represents the properties of the aerial parts to ascend the trunks of palm oil in moist shady places.

EPS or Standardized Extract fresh plants are obtained by "Phytostandard" extraction process that respects the integrity and completeness of the active principles present in the plant.

We suggest you prepare your EPS mixtures , according to the formulas recommended by your Naturopath.

EPS are Fluid Extracts of Standardized Plants, obtained by an innovative and patented extraction process, concentrating the active principles of the plant of origin and with guaranteed content and stability.

These raw materials (packaged in 60, 90, 100, 150, 300, 500 ml bottles on request) are supplied by the PhytoPrevent pharmaceutical company.

We realize for you, the associations of EPS, according to the formulation and the choice of prescription of your doctor.

EPS advised to fight against these disorders:

Stress, sleep, nervousness

EPS hawthorn, EPS valerian, EPS passiflora and EPS queen of meadows for nervous disorders, stress, difficulty sleeping.

the circulation

EPS Blackcurrant and EPS red vine are traditionally used for patients who suffer from circulation disorders, heavy legs.


EPS Ginseng and EPS Guarana treat transient fatigue with ginsenosides and vitamin C.

the digestion

Finally, EPS Radish black, EPS Artichaud and EPS curcuma are indicated in patients suffering from digestive disorders: lazy liver, difficult digestion.

Get the best rates full range of EPS (Fresh plants extract Standardized single or in combination) PHYTOPREVENT tablets and capsules of the pharmaceutical company Phytostandards PhytoPrevent-Pileje.

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