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    Optisodyne is extracted from melon titrated in SOD to optimize the preparation to the effort.
    To be used in preparation program for your sports season and especially during periods of intense efforts (specific training, competitions ...).

    Description of EAFIT ENDURANCE OPTISODYNE 60 capsules

    SOD-rich melon extract capsules (Super Oxyde Dismutase) are powerful antioxidants rich in extramel that helps fight free radicals and premature aging of the body's cells.

    SOD Extramel-rich melon extract reduces cell death when ingested before oxidative stress (caused by UV rays of the sun for example) or allergic stress.

    Use Optisodyne as a preparation program for your sports season and especially during periods of intense effort such as specific workouts and competitions.

    Usage advice and dosage

    We advise to take 2 capsules per day for 15 days then 1 capsule per day for 1 month, preferably in the morning with a large glass of water. Repeat these programs within a 1-month interval between 2 programs.

    Composition of EAFIT ENDURANCE OPTISODYNE 60 capsules

    Maltodextrins, antioxidant extract of melon titrated in SOD (Super Oxyde Dismutase in the form of microbeads vectorized by a vegetable fat (palm oil), selenium yeast Anti-caking agents: silicum dioxide - magnesium stearate, vitamin B2 Capsule: Gelatin Dyes: titanium dioxide - iron oxide.


    Box of 60 capsules

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Why choose EAFIT?

    EAFIT is the reference brand in sports nutrition. Pioneer and already innovative in 1991, it was she who created the market in France. It has always favored the manufacture of its products in France. For this purpose more than 95% of the products are fashioned in France and in Europe. To distribute its products, EAFIT has opted since the beginning of its adventure for a quality and total transparency. It respects drastic standards and carries out studies and analyzes to deliver you the best of sports nutrition. Indeed, their products adhere to the charter of the world anti-doping code thanks to the AFNOR standard NF V 94-001, which is subjected to sharp quality controls and a first traceability. Moreover, their laboratory is ISO 9001 certified in order to guarantee you the best, both in terms of asset quality and the safety of manufacturing processes.

    EAFIT offers state-of-the-art formulas developed by sports nutrition specialists in collaboration with sports physicians, nutritionists and top athletes.

    EAFIT is the expert in many strength sports such as strength training, crossfit or fitness as well as endurance sports such as cycling, triathlon, trails ... EAFIT is more than 200 references 3 specific ranges that accompany every active and sportsman on a daily basis to meet many objectives.

    • The EAFIT MINCEUR ACTIVE range allows you to draw your body, lose weight or respond to frequently encountered problems such as water retention, detox, cellulite, nibbling or sweet drives.
    • The EAFIT MUSCULAR CONSTRUCTION line meets many sports nutrition goals to boost muscle, dry, promote fat burning, gain strength and power, have explosive energy ...
    • The EAFIT ENERGIE range is designed to prepare for effort, optimize endurance during exercise and improve recovery after exercise, to exceed and to perform while preserving its body!

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