Sterimar sulfur nose spray 50ml weakened


Sulfur Spray Stérimar   Weakened 50ml nose is a solution of sea water 100% natural for the weakened by recurrent disorders nose. Stérimar Sulfur is recommended during recurrent disease of any origin which attack the nose throughout the year.

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Used for : stuffy nose

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    Sterimar sulfur spray nasal spray nose weakened PRORHINEL 50ml

    Description of nasal spray solution Sterimar sulfur nose weakened 50ml


    Stérimar Sulphur (S) is a solution of physiological sea water filtered * 100% natural and preservative for the Nez weakened by recurrent disorders in adults, children and infants. (* Physiological solution: a solution whose salt concentration is similar to that of cells in our body)

    Rich in minerals and marine and especially Sulphur trace elements Stérimar Stérimar Sulphur (S) is recommended during recurrent disease of any origin that attack the mucus membranes throughout the year. It can accompany a specific treatment (to prepare the nasal mucosa to receive treatment).

    Sulfur (S) is a well known ENT to its trophic action on the mucous membranes and ownership of mucosal regeneration trace element. In fact, sulfur is an essential component of cells involved in the production of mucus.

    The specific of the microdiffusion Stérimar range consists of a fine and soft spray sea water in the nasal mucosa. The fineness of the microdiffusion allows a better assimilation of trace elements by cells of the nasal mucosa.

    Stérimar each dose is delivered aseptically. Indeed, a system of anti-reflux valve prevents air from entering the bottle. The solution thus remains aseptic and until exhaustion. Stérimar therefore be used safely until its expiry date even after several uses.

    Application advice and opinions on Sterimar nose spray 50ml weakened

    Nasal solution Stérimar Sulphur (S) can be used to cure 10 to 15 days in any position safely at 2 to 4 sprays in each nostril daily. Suitable for adults, children and infants from 6 months.

    Standing or sitting, gently insert the tip into the nostril security. Briefly press the tip. Let drain the excess of the solution must involve phlegm and blow nose.

    Using Stérimar Hygiene Nose is then recommended relay Stérimar Sulphur (S).

    The composition of sulfur Sterimar

    Sterimar Sulphur Saltwater: 31.82 ml
    Sulfur salt pentahydrate
    Purified water qs 100ml

    Sterimar Sulfur is a water solution of physiological filtered seawater, 100% natural, enriched in sulfur and preservative

    Precaution for use with spray Sterimar nose weakened

    Insert the tip into the nostril. Administer a spray by pressing the tip for a few seconds and drain the excess of the solution, then nose. Repeat this process in the other nostril.
    Clean the earmold in soapy water, rinse and dry.

    Spray presentation suffers Sterimar

    50 ml bottle is about 150 doses

    Our expert advice pharmacy

    Sulfur (S) is a well known ENT to its trophic action and property regeneration mucociliary carpet trace element.

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