Doculyse ear Ear Spray 30ml

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Ear ear spray 30ml Doculyse sale in our pharmacy bio. A spray solution for the treatment and prevention of earwax.

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Partners with: CERULYSE 5g/100g XYLENE earwax-10ML

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    Doculyse ear Ear Spray 30ml

    Description Doculyse ear ear spray 30ml

    Doculyse ear ear spray 30ml dissolution aid of earwax and disposal of the external auditory canal. Cerumenolytic its power disintegrates the cap formed or in formation, attacking the structure of dander (which constitutes the largest part of the plug) and not the wax itself. Its emollient softens the cap and facilitates its evacuation.
    Its formula is non-greasy and do not rinse.
    His tip containing an antibacterial agent ensures optimal hygienic conditions. The dosing pump delivers about 150 doses.
    It can be used in the more than six months infants, children and adults.

    Using advice from Doculyse ear ear spray 30ml

    Place the tip at the entrance of the ear canal and press the pump.
    To eliminate a cap made: 1-2 sprays and leave for 15-30 minutes.
    Maintenance: 1-2 times a week in each ear.
    Clean the entrance of the ear canal with a cotton swab or a towel corner.
    Rinse the nozzle with hot water after each use.

    Atrial Doculyse composition ear spray 30ml

    30 ml Doculyse ear ear spray contains: Sodium Docusate 0.5 mg Phenonip 0.6 mg, 0.025 mg citric acid monohydrate, trisodium citrate dehydrated 0.125 mg Purified water qs 100 ml.

    Precaution of use

    Do not use in carriers of "yo-yo" in case of ear infections or perforated eardrum.

    Atrial Doculyse spray presentation ear 30ml

    Spray 30 ml.

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    Ear hygiene in Pharmacy: Find the best ear hygiene products sold in your bio pharmacy online

    Hearing is a precious meaning, so you have to protect your ears by having regular hygiene of the external auditory canal.
    It is essential to clean the ears and especially the external auditory canal to facilitate the removal of excess earwax and to prevent corking .
    Different solutions based on seawater containing active principles of fluidification of cerumen can also be used once or twice a week. They make it possible to repel ceruminous debris in a gentle way while respecting the physiology of the auditory canal .

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